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by [EUG]MadMat
Mon 22 May 2017 12:29
Forum: News
Topic: Server maintenance (May 22nd)
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Server maintenance (May 22nd)

We will perform a minor server maintenance today (May 22nd) from 1:30 PM to 2 PM. (that's one hour from now) Although you will still be able to launch the game, you won't be able to connect to the server, hence won't be able to play multiplayer games. To check the schedule where you are, click here ...
by [EUG]MadMat
Sun 21 May 2017 20:56
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Stuff I feel not working in Normandy 44
Replies: 7
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Re: Stuff I feel not working in Normandy 44

- And a small undocumented secret: You can rebind your towed units with a supply vehicle, and move it! I have already seen my ammunition Opel Blitz carrying my AT gun. I show it its really cool: Moving towed units with Supply vehicles.jpg AT guns or a support IG18 like here can attach to a supply t...
by [EUG]MadMat
Sun 21 May 2017 20:54
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Mistakes in the names of Polish units
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Re: Mistakes in the names of Polish units

"STRZELCOW" is in genitive case, (well, strzelców, there should be an accent over o), nominative would be "STRZELCY" It's been reported and fixed already. "DOW. STRZELCOW" is okay, it's genitive (leader/commander OF riflemen), but it lacks the accent over o (should be ...
by [EUG]MadMat
Thu 18 May 2017 18:25
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: [DevBlog #17] Panzer-Lehr
Replies: 5
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[DevBlog #17] Panzer-Lehr

Let’s focus today on the Reich's best-equipped and strongest division: the Panzer-Lehr Division:

by [EUG]MadMat
Wed 17 May 2017 15:09
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: [SD44] Patch 79964 (New divisions & maps)
Replies: 4
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[SD44] Patch 79964 (New divisions & maps)

NEW FEATURES : ⋅ 2 new divisions : 6th Airborne & 352.Infanterie ⋅ 2 new maps: Carpiquet & Odon ⋅ New British unit voices to replace some deemed "too Americans". FIX : ⋅ Autosetting fix. --------------------------------------------- GERMAN :...
by [EUG]MadMat
Sat 13 May 2017 15:36
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Potato PC vs Steel Division
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Re: Potato PC vs Steel Division

I'm afraid SD44 is more demanding than Wargame.
If you had issues with the latter, you might not be able to run SD44.
by [EUG]MadMat
Fri 12 May 2017 11:01
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: [QUICK PLAY] Removing mirror matches
Replies: 11
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[QUICK PLAY] Removing mirror matches

Since we've been reading (and receiving) quite a few requests asking for the removal of mirror matches in Quick Play, we are giving it a try.

Therefore, in 30 minutes from now (that is, 11:30 AM, Paris time), mirror matches will be deactivated in the Quick Play.
by [EUG]MadMat
Thu 11 May 2017 19:18
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: [DevBlog #15] 6th Airborne Division
Replies: 8
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[DevBlog #15] 6th Airborne Division

Let’s focus today on the first division to set foot on French ground on D-Day: the British (and Canadian) paratroopers from 6th Airborne Division. ... -airborne/
by [EUG]MadMat
Thu 11 May 2017 13:05
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Pak40 vs M5 76mm & 17 Pd
Replies: 18
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Re: Pak40 vs M5 76mm & 17 Pd

DeuZerre wrote:See recent patch notes.

Damn, ninja'd ... :(
by [EUG]MadMat
Thu 11 May 2017 13:02
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: [SD44] Patch 79484
Replies: 7
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Re: [SD44] Patch 79484

One omission in the log (fixed:

- Stuarts now aim faster (same change as with the Shermans in a previous patch, for same reason)

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