Post your best kills (RD Version)

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Re: Post your best kills (RD Version)

Postby James-Bond » Mon 26 Jun 2017 09:18

Best bit was the enemy manually targeted it, before evacuating nearby troops. :lol: :o

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Re: Post your best kills (RD Version)

Postby nuke92 » Mon 26 Jun 2017 10:05

Reminds me when I played Strait to the Point 10v10. One guy harassed our ships with Osas. So I flew one Tornado along the edge of the map, spotted half a dozen Osas around a supply ship rearming and fired... at the supply ship.

It obliterated every Osa around it and the guy insta-quit.
Totally unexpected :lol:
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Re: Post your best kills (RD Version)

Postby another505 » Fri 30 Jun 2017 16:32

So it was 3v3 , a team vs me with a bunch of pubs. after my teammates lost miserably on their side and i got a stalemate on mine. They left

Making it 1v3 against a team!

Finland OP, was vs 2 norad + EC

Got to send a suicide mig21bis for my Bm-27 to snipe those annoying patriots.

It is the most fun game i had in a while
I had all those AVIA 28
so many ASF. I also had OP yugo units in my disposal....
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Re: Post your best kills (RD Version)

Postby Amarht » Sun 16 Jul 2017 15:26

Had a rather hilarious game versus my friends in a 3v3.
I was rather amused and surprised when i watched this list for obvious reasons :lol: Must have been the luckiest SEAD i've ever had. Needless to say, i got hit like 6 times with heavy missiles in total but never took a crit. Oh and lots of heroic Alpha Jets died for this :lol: .
Who needs SEAD missiles on Helos? :lol: For once this overpriced thing was actually worth it. The tung was busy firing at a plane i think. The PU was the other amusing surprise in this list.

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