Increasing player base in WG4

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Re: Increasing player base in WG4

Postby molnibalage » Tue 19 Sep 2017 10:21

Nathan des Lessings wrote:
urogard wrote:
Nathan des Lessings wrote:I'd like it, if they stay with the SD 44 system of mapcontrol instead of the zones in WrD.

No thank you, letting enemy know where my units are without the enemy even needing recon units is a bullshit idea to begin with. No need to promote it any further than in that one experiment.

What they should have done instead is expand all zones to cover 100% of the map, simply uniformly expand sizes of all zones until the whole map is covered so every spot on the map belongs to some zone.
Makes pushing a lot more effective and completely removes the whole issue about cv sniping.

But still CVs will be necessary to control them and you are still trying to push sb. out of that zone, which would be a lot harder when the zones are that large.

Amen. I never understood why the zones are so small. The frontline system of StDV is simply bad becase what is mentioned, without recon you have intel where can be the enemy...

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Re: Increasing player base in WG4

Postby 47andrej » Wed 4 Oct 2017 19:53

Yo ppl first thread in Focus General Discussion :) It was quite hard to find appropriate section at Focus.

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