Map Hack or 2 accounts on different sides

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Map Hack or 2 accounts on different sides

Postby Al_Assad » Fri 6 Oct 2017 08:57

I don't spend much time in wargame anymore, but since I know how great this game is and how much fun you can have I will spend 5 minutes to report this imbecile ruining people's fun. Hope his accounts get banned permanently and his dad doesn't give him more 30 bucks to buy 2 new ones. His nickname was something like "prosnipe420", and later changed to "Warchat is fair and balanced"
Attached are 2 replays where he clearly know the exact position of cvs and other expensive units, in the first, he uses heavy artillery, in the second he uses atacms. In the first one(replay_2017-10-06_00-56-42) he tries to pretend, sometimes shooting where there's nothing, but most of the time he shoots very close if not on top, but, more importantly, having no recon whatsoever of the unit, the unit's transport or even the transport getting there. In the second(replay_2017-10-06_02-47-32), he gets angry that the smerch moved after shooting and his atacms missed, so he simply blind shot it in a complete different position. He then proceeds to douchely snipe every expensive unit in our team.
Edit: there's a third replay(replay_2017-10-06_02-00-55). I hadn't realized, but i played against him in that mach as well, and as well as in the next one, he used atacms to blind snipe. Note that in the last 2 matches there was a player called "droog" in the opposing team. I noticed that player hadn't done anything in both matches, could be his other account.
Hope he get's what he deserves and this game stays being awesome.
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