Report player John Brownwood for griefing

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Report player John Brownwood for griefing

Postby Soultrip » Sat 7 Oct 2017 17:31

Time: 10/07/17 3:29 PM CET (Replay Date)
Lobby: IRISH RAGE (No Support Deck's)
Mode: 10vs10 Tactical on Mud Fight
Subject: John Brownwood

Right at the beginning of the game a player named John Brownwood on our team anounced, that his teammates should leave. Seconds later that player started to attack his teammates with his Mi-24P helicopters.
Please remove that player from his game, as he is trying hard to destroy the already small community.
- Best regards Soul

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Re: Report player John Brownwood for griefing

Postby Mike » Sun 8 Oct 2017 08:36

There is already a report thread for things just like this.
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