Modder for HIRE

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Modder for HIRE

Postby Omarncdn » Mon 17 Jul 2017 06:57

I'm looking to hire a person who is able to MOD wargame red dragon to my requirement. I am a huge fan of this game.

I'm willing to pay for there services. But I have to make sure I got the right person for the job.

I'm looking for a professional. I'd prefer a ex coder from eugen but I'm flexible.

Some of the mods I am interested in are as follows

- adding a save game function to the single player (skirmish)

- adding some new units to different countries
- maybe adding new campaigns
- increasing the allowed points when assembling a deck.

If you are able to do any of this please message me or email me direct at
Maybe we can discuss a plan. Depending on the results and attitude you may come out a very happy person when this Is all said and done.

I know there is very smart people out there and this is a chance to do something you love and make some extra USD on the side.

Hope to hear from you soon

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Re: Modder for HIRE

Postby naizarak » Mon 17 Jul 2017 09:33

most of the features you're interested in aren't possible. current modding functionality is limited to tweaking rather than full-on content creation

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Re: Modder for HIRE

Postby thatAC130 » Tue 18 Jul 2017 00:15

naizarak wrote:most of the features you're interested in aren't possible. current modding functionality is limited to tweaking rather than full-on content creation

Unfortunately he's right. Eugen has only given us enough mod support to allow us to change only a few variables within the game. As for what you're asking for, the best we can do is:

1. "Save game function for skrimish": this is beyond any of the modding community's control, as we do not have any of the proper tools to add this function. Also even then, it would be somewhat buggy, as trying to reload a save in the middle of a game in Campaign tended to mess up the battlefield's zones and the map.

2. "Adding new units/new countries": Technically you can do this, however you'd have to sacrifice a pre-existing nation and its units (and maybe units from another nation as well, depending on the size of the nation), to make the new nation(s). Also, if the nation you want has a unique unit not already in game, then unfortunately it is not possible to add them in game, as once again, we lack the support from Eugen.

3. "New Campaign scenarios": Unfortunately making unique scenarios are once again, not available to us. However, you are able to change pre-existing scenarios with:

-Battle Group Manager: Change units in the scenarios and their starting locations

-Wargame Modding Suite: Change details such as the dialogue in the main screen of the scenarios, the name of the sectors on the mapl

4: "Changing the amount of availability points for deck creation": This is possible via the WMS, however I haven't done this myself, so I wouldn't know how to (however, W:RD Noob has made this happen in his mod: Wargame: Sandbox Mod)

So yeah, as you can see, the most we can do is change details concerning pre-existing units and a very few amount of things regarding the game's engine. And unfortunately, It's going to stay this way until Eugen decides whether or not they want to give us further mod support.

This is a list for people who are curious as to what our limitations with this game are:
Spoiler : :
Things we CAN do with modding? (includes, but not limited to):

-Changing names of units
=Changing Stats of each unit
-changing the Stats and effects of every unit's "Turrets"
-Changing the Decals/skins of each units
-Changing the details of each Nation and the units they contain (But not "adding" any units or nations [will elaborate later])
-Changing the battle groups in campaign scenarios (via the BGM)
-Changing the "Pawns" representing each battlegroup in campaign scenarios (Via BGM and WMS)
-Changing the names of each sector in the campaigns
-Changing unit icons (the pictures representing them in the armory)
-Changing a few background images in the main menus and loading screens

Things we CAN'T do with modding? (includes, but not limited to):

-Changing unit models
-Adding units/nations to the WMS (you have to use pre-existing units in the WMS and completely change their Stats and what nation they belong to, attempting to add more unit placeholders will crash the game)
-Add/Remove/Change the core of the game engine
-Adding new maps/battlefields
-Practically anything that involves adding more than what Eugen has already given us

Feel free to shoot me, W:RD Noob, or any other active modder a PM if you have any questions! trust me, all of us have asked these questions to each other before and wish that we could make more modifications happen.

*cough cough* Eugen, I luv u, pls dont hate me!
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Re: Modder for HIRE

Postby The W:AB Noob » Tue 18 Jul 2017 17:04

thatAC130 wrote:Feel free to shoot me, W:RD Noob, or any other active modder a PM if you have any questions!

Thx for dat shoutout 8-)
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