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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby Pyro » Fri 5 May 2017 01:35

Sireyn wrote:This is something I haven't wrapped my head around yet. I have the same issue when I add mortars to the main turret on Merkavas, except they will refuse to reflexively fire the main gun at targets I had previously targeted with mortars. TirReflexe in TAmmunition seems awfully suspicious. I'll get back to you if I discover anything.

It's good to get feedback that it occurs in other situations. I shall check out TirReflexe, didn't think of that.

Sireyn wrote:A workaround you can try is putting CIWS in a separate turret and limiting the traverse to only fire forwards using AngleRotationMax.

Yes, but this fails when the turret is facing a quarter rearwards. As I'm sure you know as the traverse limit is based upon the chassis/hull direction, there is no way I know of to have a turret-on-a-turret (in terms of limiting direction of facing). Unless I am wrong in my understanding of this... always possible.

I have several test situations and one of them is a tank (target) crossing a firing line of ATGWs. Trying to get the CIWS to face the same direction at the turret...

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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby Sireyn » Fri 5 May 2017 11:44

Pyro wrote:What I am trying to achieve is to be able to put the CIWS in the same turret as the main gun. The reason for doing so is that I want the direction the CIWS fires at to be the same facing as the main turret; if it is in a separate turret it can fire in any direction. I want the main gun to fire at its regular targets, but when an ATGM approaches the CIWS should interrupt this fire, take priority, and fire at the ATGM (slewing the turret if necessary).

I may have gotten it, but it's too late to continue testing. I have CIWS on a tank, able to fire both weapons at separate targets, both controlled by the turret's direction. It will take initiative and slew the gun at incoming missiles while still aggressively switching back to enemies, though it can only attack both if the missile is within the same cone of fire. I suspect there is a way to broaden this in the TAmmunition, but I haven't tested anything yet.

The CIWS is in its own turret with [Tag : tourelle1] and [TagIndex : 1]. All the sounds and special effects work except tracers and the turret sometimes jumps around trying to look in different places at the same time. Needs more work.


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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby nikola0412 » Sat 6 May 2017 21:15

Hello gents

is there any way to have more then 9 planes in game?

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Re: Modding Questions Thread

Postby The W:AB Noob » Sat 6 May 2017 22:42

nikola0412 wrote:Hello gents

is there any way to have more then 9 planes in game?

Not that I have found, but it still might be possible.
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