Will any camera related mods be forbidden?

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Will any camera related mods be forbidden?

Postby SpeisCheese » Mon 7 Sep 2015 20:13

Camera postions, zooms and camera tilting, are these forbidden or not? Because the users who use these mods will get some advantages when looking over the battlefield...so are these mods forbidden or not?
I want to know it so I can make a camera mod myself.

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Re: Will any camera related mods be forbidden?

Postby Megiddo » Mon 7 Sep 2015 21:24

Unless the official position has changed on the subject, MadMat gave us a hint about Eugen Policy on the matter :

I don't know exactly what you mean by "allowing the mod"?
Allowing people to play a mod among temselves? Sure, we have always allowed people to do so in Wargame.
Allowing people to play a mod against people not using it? Of course we won't allow it. Any modding of the game (be it zoom, stats, ...) in a normal game will be regarded as cheating.

Although we are not deaf and testing some zoom change on our end too.
But our margin of manoeuver is small, for if people with high performance machines can play without problems with unconstrained zoom, lesser ones won't. And our goal is to keep the game playable the same way for everybody, not to offer high performance machines an advantage others wouldn't have ...


Of course, seeing a totally free camera mod for the game would be great.

If Eugen teams don't plan further tweaks for the camera movements, maybe a bit more automatic tilting/angle as the camera approaches the ground could be allowed as a mod. Just as the default zoom mechanic in Wargame. but imho the main problem will be the engine itself, and the clipping/display of far scenery.

Anyways good luck with that :)
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