Deck Cards

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Deck Cards

Postby UsRanger26 » Sun 14 May 2017 20:42

Does any one know how to add more units to One card in a devision Deck.?

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Re: Deck Cards

Postby SGMRock » Sat 27 May 2017 06:57

Trying to figure out the same thing if anyone can help. I found where you can add more unit cards so lets say you have 2 101st AB Leaders stacks of 3, I was able to change it to 4 for instance by modifying the following
(~/Descriptor_Deck_Pack_US_101AB_AirborneLdr_Jeep, 2)
(~/Descriptor_Deck_Pack_US_101AB_AirborneLdr_Jeep, 4)

But the stacks still have 3 leaders each, trying to figure out how to keep the 2 stacks but change the 3 in the stack to a higher number if anyone knows.

Also found where you can change the XP level of all your units in the deck as well. Found some other good stuff too but its not easy with all the descriptions in French :P had to use a translator to find range and so on.

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