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by ToXeR
Thu 22 Jul 2021 12:51
Forum: Steel Division 2
Topic: Bug reports - Army General
Replies: 43
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Re: Bug reports - Army General

Hello! After the patch game allows to take only one air regiment to battle in campaign (at least in Bobruysk and Orsha campaigns). No matter it is fighter or bomber. You choose one and another gets greyed out. I hope it is a bug. And not an intentional restriction. It is next to impossible to effect...
by ToXeR
Sat 14 Nov 2020 02:28
Forum: Steel Division 2
Topic: Wishlist of new stuff for Steel Division 2
Replies: 10
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Re: Wishlist of new stuff for Steel Division 2

Army General two separate aircraft support slots for fighter cover and for CAS. Or a simple possibility to "attach" air units to the upcoming battle without taking any slot (like in Red Dragon). I dream about this feature :roll: Army General is a great mode overall, but the fact that I hav...
by ToXeR
Thu 10 Oct 2013 15:45
Forum: Wargame : AirLand Battle
Topic: The Holy Wholly "Pause & Order" Thread
Replies: 274
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Re: The Holy Wholly "Pause & Order" Thread

I registered here to support those who want to see an option for active pause in SP game (or at least game speed adjustments). I like Wargame EE & Airland Battle and playing SP campaigns mostly. But lack of active pause dont give me a chance to enjoy game completely. It's annoyng to loose some u...

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