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by Pbatt
Thu 13 Jul 2017 04:03
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Windhund division
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Re: Windhund division

IIRC, the autocannon recon vehicle wasn't even nerfed. They didn't nerf the vehicles themselves, just the veterancy bonus for autocannon vehicles which gave ROF. However, the 234/1 was already affected by the nerf of the french m8 recon vehicle. They removed the ROF bonus on recon vehicles and repl...
by Pbatt
Sun 1 Jan 2017 12:16
Forum: Wargame : Red Dragon
Topic: Make the USSR "Sufficient" Again!
Replies: 657
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Re: Make the USSR "Sufficient" Again!

XanderTuron wrote:4 He for 115mm guns would be quite fun.

4 HE would be too much.

However buffing the suppression up to the same level as the t72 would probably be good.
by Pbatt
Sun 1 Jan 2017 00:05
Forum: Wargame : Red Dragon
Topic: Bug/Inconsistency Thread.
Replies: 864
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Re: Bug/Inconsistency Thread.

The base Shot Kal for israel was possibly overlooked in the latest balance pass to the centurion line.

Compare to the danish Centurion 105mm which did receive the buff and has very similar stats - 45% /15% acc vs 35/10% acc is the inconsistency.

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