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by westgun
Wed 20 Apr 2016 00:22
Forum: Act of Aggression
Topic: Eugen please watch this.
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Re: Eugen please watch this.

So I made a thread about possible solutions to this issue, so I'd like to hear your guys' opinions about it. To summarize, the three suggestions I made were 1. Reduce amount of infantry carried in carriers (acce, namer, vextra, etc.) 2. Increase damage/radius of t1 artillery and make the stronger ag...
by westgun
Tue 19 Apr 2016 23:55
Forum: Reboot Edition Beta
Topic: About the infantry spam
Replies: 1
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About the infantry spam

As most of you probably already know, in many games the infantry spam largely overshadows most other units. I've recently had a discussion with another player about said issue and I'm here now to present a few solutions of said discussion. 1. To reduce the overall effectiveness of infantry in most f...
by westgun
Wed 16 Sep 2015 17:17
Forum: Tech Support
Topic: [Bug] Cartel Barracks doesn't produce Aluminium
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[Bug] Cartel Barracks doesn't produce Aluminium

After you get the upgrade for the Cartel Barracks to make it produce aluminium it keeps saying "+20" per tick, but it doesn't actually add anything to the resource. This is after I removed every worker from the aluminium nodes and stopped producing anything costing aluminium. At that point...

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