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by Silveroak2
Tue 27 Aug 2013 02:47
Forum: Wargame : Red Dragon
Topic: Wargame Red Dragon: Facts & Flags
Replies: 734
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Re: Wargame Red Dragon: Facts & Flags

That map design looked spectacular, I foresee proper use of hull down position, line of sight w/terrain folds and respectably sized towns/skyrises. Also, Leclerc right off the bat, made my day. I'm really happy about the inclusion of multiple period campaigns rather than just 91'. For WALB I was a l...
by Silveroak2
Sun 28 Jul 2013 20:12
Forum: Wargame : AirLand Battle
Topic: West German Airforce
Replies: 4
Views: 811

Re: West German Airforce

Free DLC, coming soon. Eugen does not subscribe to such BS as pre-order payed DLC, or, thus far payed DLC. We love them for it <3
by Silveroak2
Fri 12 Jul 2013 02:28
Forum: News
Topic: Social & lobby chat behaviour
Replies: 45
Views: 5069

Re: Social & lobby chat behaviour

I'd say this is good news, though it seems more mods are probs required to handle the problem. Things really had/have gotten too far in the chat, at one point I was quite proud of the WEE community as it seemed for the most part erryone got along and were respectful, unfortunately with WALB and the ...
by Silveroak2
Thu 2 May 2013 01:33
Forum: Wargame : AirLand Battle
Topic: Urban Enviornments
Replies: 7
Views: 494

Re: Urban Enviornments

Well, we have seen some urbanized zones in screenshots, if industrial zones count for you, look at the dockyard/port ones, they have some seriously restrictive terrain. Personally I'd count that as urban, (screenshot 2nd down on the left). Will hopefully create s...
by Silveroak2
Sun 21 Apr 2013 22:10
Forum: News
Topic: More details about 2nd Beta ...
Replies: 108
Views: 13124

Re: More details about 2nd Beta ...

Checked again. not yet, probs tomorrow, then, to victory (and hopefully less rapid-fire artillery)!
by Silveroak2
Fri 8 Mar 2013 21:24
Forum: Wargame : AirLand Battle
Topic: Angry mob gallery... In ALB !
Replies: 110
Views: 9598

Re: Angry mob gallery... In ALB !

I wargame 6mm still. it has a more personal and hands on feel than WEE, plus you can paint your troops and modify the rules. It looks cool too :D I've got modern french, Soviets/Russians, a few Americans, West German and some 3rd world stuff; great fun!
by Silveroak2
Sun 24 Feb 2013 02:38
Forum: Wargame : European Escalation
Topic: February 23rd
Replies: 36
Views: 2741

Re: February 23rd

Happy Birthday Wargame European Escalation!!
Happy Red Army day! :D
by Silveroak2
Sun 17 Feb 2013 18:24
Forum: Wargame : AirLand Battle
Topic: Previews and news related to W:AB
Replies: 629
Views: 56300

Re: Previews and news related to W:AB

Towards the right background those def. look like MiG-17;s with the snubby nose and tail. I just wonder who can field them, I don't think the Soviets would still have them as front line units (replaced by MiG-21) so I'm hoping East Germany, and almost certainly Poland get them. *Upon second look the...

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