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by Mandolin
Sat 1 Oct 2016 01:45
Forum: Wargame : Red Dragon
Topic: MG rebalance complete list
Replies: 354
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Re: MG rebalance complete list

So magazine fed MGs can fire at cyclic rate and shoot faster than belt feds.

Seems legit.
by Mandolin
Thu 22 Sep 2016 19:07
Forum: Wargame : Red Dragon
Topic: New MG stats ?!?
Replies: 82
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Re: New MG stats ?!?

Thracetw (de) wrote:is look realy nice :) :)

So mag-fed machine guns can fire at cyclic rate, but belt-feds can't?

You can't put 600 rounds through a Galil in 60 seconds, you can't reload it that fast.
by Mandolin
Fri 24 Jun 2016 00:00
Forum: Wargame : Red Dragon
Topic: Israeli Infantry
Replies: 78
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Re: Israeli Infantry

I vaugly recall reading about "belgian bazookas" in my book about Shayetet 13/Flotila 13, which I think refers to the RL-83 Blindicide.

Also, Shayetet 13 used the MAG and not the RPK.
by Mandolin
Fri 3 Apr 2015 20:39
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: Why journalist why?
Replies: 134
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Re: Why journalist why?

I guess it's why they are journalists and not military experts :lol: But what really killed me is when I was watching a show on aircraft dogfights and they said the P-51 had four .50's. I wanted to throw something at the TV when I heard that. Except the guy is right, the P-15B/C did have 4x .50cals
by Mandolin
Mon 30 Mar 2015 03:19
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: US, EURO, Asian or African?!? cars?
Replies: 109
Views: 9105

Re: US, EURO, Asian or African?!? cars?

The only experience I have with any American cars at all come from either the Dodge RAM pickups or the Chrysler PT Cruiser. The Dodge is vast, it's obnoxiously huge and quite impractical however you feel like a powerful motherfuc*er driving around in it, towering above most European and Japanese ca...
by Mandolin
Sat 7 Mar 2015 07:20
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: War movies.
Replies: 654
Views: 97125

Re: War movies.

When I saw Blackhawk down, I asked "why can't deltas be like this in RD?" I read the book. Looks like Rangers are properly portrayed in WRD. :? What do you mean? I rented Fury the other day. They did a good job of showcasing how soldiers are with each other. The banter, fighting, teasing,...
by Mandolin
Mon 2 Mar 2015 03:14
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: worst books you have read
Replies: 57
Views: 4149

Re: worst books you have read

Scarlet Letter was horrible. Ethan Frome was terrible. Angels And Demons was utterly horrible, because the plot made absolutely no sense. Basic recap of the book: "Hm, dude was murdered." "Call the cops, right?" "Nope, there's a funny symbol on him. Call a dude on the other ...
by Mandolin
Fri 27 Feb 2015 02:44
Forum: Off-Topic
Topic: how much wargame WW2 hype is there?
Replies: 411
Views: 27620

Re: how much wargame WW2 hype is there?

Im not good navy, but what would be USSR best ship in ww2?? also this for proto?? I'd rather have the HMS Hood. Kronshtadt-class has a horribly week main and secondary battery (6x 15 inch, 8x6 inch). The AA guns might as well not be there ...
by Mandolin
Wed 25 Feb 2015 08:28
Forum: Wargame : Red Dragon
Topic: most "undermodeled"/"overmodeled" unit
Replies: 121
Views: 11789

Re: most "undermodeled"/"overmodeled" unit

Overmodel flame tanks,firing flame up to a kilometer lol Well to be honest the ranges are just gameplay reasons, assault rifles hitting something at 500 meters is also asking a lot :P At least assault rifles can hit at 500+ meters in theory, it's just hard to hit when your target wears camo and sho...
by Mandolin
Mon 23 Feb 2015 16:19
Forum: Wargame : Red Dragon
Topic: American Unit ideas for W:RD
Replies: 7187
Views: 476793

Re: American Unit ideas for W:RD

Marines are 15 man squad. Lav can carry 6 people, now unless you propose making marines 6 people squad I think you should stop with your flawed logic. They can give them to stinger teams for all I care. We're long past "but clown car" as a justification for not giving a unit transports st...

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