Clash of the Clans III 3vs3 Tournament

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Clash of the Clans III 3vs3 Tournament

Postby Drrty-D » Thu 10 Apr 2014 20:12


Challonge bracket -

Replays -

Spoiler : :
1. Event & Settings
1.1 The event is round-based and will take place from 05-02-14. One round lasts one week. The organizer may extend the timeframe or delay the tournament in case severe reasons force them to do so.
1.2 The tournament is played 3vs3. (In case a team cannot provide 3 players, they may play with 2.)
1.3 The played mode is Conquest,all maps are in the Veto pool,team leaders are suggested to have txt file prepared on desktop and veto one by one.
1.4 3000 starting points, 750 conquest points to win and 40 minute time limit.
1.5 There will be no tie. Even if the game calls a "draw", the team with more conquest points is considered winner. In case of a perfect tie, the game will be re-played within the specifications of 3.4.
1.6 There are no deck restrictions.
1.7 Factions can be played by either team
1.8 The tournament mode is Double Elimination, only the Final is Best-of-Three.
1.9 The winning team has to provide a replay and screenshot of the scoreboard immediately. Both have to be uploaded and linked in a post in the dedicated thread on the official forum.

2. Team
2.1 A team consists of at least 2, but up to 10 members. A list containing all team members must be provided previously to the tournament, but can be changed within the specifications of the 2.6 with the approval of the organizer during the competition.
2.2 Members of a team are persons (in combination with their unique steam and Eugennet ID) whose names are on the team list.
2.3 Any person can only be member of one team. Playing with a another account for another team is strictly forbidden.
2.4 Any person thought of violating 2.3 will be excluded from the event and concerned games will be counted as loss for the team.
2.5 Any listed member of a team can play for their team as often as the team allows them and as long as they have been registered properly as described in 2.2.
2.6 The actual game lineup of a team can be switched at any point unless the game is running at the moment. A game is considered as running as soon as the countdown in the lobby has started. A countdown may not start before both teamleaders gave their okay, however, the countdown shall be started after 10 minutes at the latest.
2.7 Every team is responsible for ensuring that the attending players match the list which was provided on the forum. Therefore, the registered names must equal the Eugennet nicknames during the competition.
2.8 One responsible represent of every team (hereinafter called teamleader) shall join the tournament's steam group to enable all teams to arrange their matches easily. In case the team does not designate one, the organizer may choose one – either a known and trusted person or the one who registered the team in the tournament. Contact persons are published in the OP.
2.9 The team is responsible for the activity of their teamleader. Therefore, they can exchange them at any point. They do so by informing the organizer.

3. Presence
3.1 Any team which fails to show up with at least 2 players at the arranged date will be disqualified. A team is considered as no-show when they're not online 15 minutes after the arranged date and time of the match.
3.2 In case a team didn't show up at the arranged time and date, but one member of the teams shows up within a waiting phase of 15 minutes, they can request a delay of 15 more minutes. If they failed to show up after those 30 minutes (15 min for waiting and 15 min delay), they're disqualified.
3.3 Any team that looses connection during a match, whether intentional or unintentional, will be disqualified. A member loosing connection does not influence the progression of the game in any way.
3.4 In case of a proven desync the game will be re-played.
3.5 In case of a rematch, the host of the first and original game has to re-host the game instantly and has to invite all other players directly. The other players have to follow this invitation immediately. Watching the replay of the first game is forbidden. 4.4 does no longer apply.

4. Match & Game
4.1 Both teams have to do their utmost to agree on a time and date for their match. They may use the dedicated steam group, personal messages or the forum, however, both parties need to be able to prove their arrangement.
4.2 In case they cannot agree on time and date, a time and date will be settled by the organizer.
4.3 The match starts as soon as the countdown is started.
4.4 After the game's loading is finished, both teams are not allowed to take any action or deploy any unit for two minutes.
4.4.1 In case a player drops during these two minutes, the game will be re-hosted within the setting of 3.4.
4.4.2 After two minutes, both teams give their okay and normal deployment and game starts.
4.5 Rule 4.4 can be skipped in case both teams agree.
4.6 Before the game is launched, both teams have to check the settings (map, starting points, points to reach, time limit, factions, mode and their respective decks).
4.7 A game played with the wrong settings is invalid and has to be replayed within the specifications of 3.5. If the mistake is not detected immediately, the game has to be replayed as soon as possible. If the mistake is not detected and one team has already played or plays their next match, the game is considered valid. Not the moment of detection, but the moment the complaint is obtained by the organizer is deciding.

5. Important
5.1 The organizer reserves the right to request the details of any match for each participant to study the course of the players, in order to determine if any unfair behavior or gameplay has occurred.
5.2 Any players suspected of unfair behavior or gameplay will be disqualified. Unfair behavior or gameplay includes but is not limited to such actions as: match fixing, intentional disconnecting, third party programs (progams used for streaming are allowed though). The final decision regarding unfair behavior or gameplay will remain at the discretion of the organizer.
5.3 The organizer reserves the right to decide about any match result and penalty.
5.4 The organizer reserves the right to amend the rules within the limitations of 5.5 at any point if such an action is considered necessary.
5.5 The organizer has to announce any change in the rules and is obligated to ensure at his best that all teams are aware of these changes and their consequences. A post in the dedicated tournament thread shall be considered as fulfillment of their duty.
5.6 This event is in full conformity with the Wargame Forum Rules. Therefore, you agree to adhere to them at any point of the tournament. Offensive behavior, names or avatars won't be tolerated.
5.7 If you want to complain/report misbehavior or contact the organizer for any reason, please make use of the forum's PM function or write a steam message.
5.8 By joining the event, you agree to be bound to these rules and any change/update made to them and the fact that every game can be recorded, streamed, cast and uploaded.

6. Penalties
6.1 The punishment following a breach of the rules will be applied on the one who is to be held responsible for the breach. Responsible is the one who committed, abetted or has known and intentionally concealed the violation of the rules. Note, guilt is not necessarily a condition for responsibility. Additionally, a team is responsible for the actions of their members. Punishment can be carried out not only for actions conducted in the game, but in the forum and at places with relationship to the tournament as well.
6.2 If the culprit is clearly an individual, the punishment shall do no excessive harm to the team in its entirety. An individual caught violating the rules shall be banned temporary, for a certain number of games or permanently. The degree of the punishment shall be set by the organizer in proportion to the violation and its circumstances.
6.3 If the team to which the culprit belongs gains benefit from the misbehavior of the individual, a penalty will be applied on the team, additional to the appliance of 6.1. In case the action of the culprit lead to a victory, the win will be granted to the enemy as the team's responsibility and knowledge of the affair is assumable. If the team is to be held responsible in its entirety, it shall be banned from the competition and in severe cases from any future events. The degree of the punishment shall be set by the organizer in proportion to the violation and circumstances.
6.4 In case it's impossible to determine whether the team or the individual is responsible, the team will be held responsible.
6.5 If the previous mentioned punishment system shows to be of little or no use, it's the organizer's duty to deal with any case arising. Therefore, the organizer has the right to change penalties and to apply them on their sole discretion.
6.6 Minor mistakes such as small formal errors may not be punished as long as no damage was caused.

Clash of the Clans I coorganizer and Moderator of the forums Oliver will assist and change my part as organizer(since i am in one of the teams) by doing a Challonge bracket after we have all teams signed up.

Signed up teams
Spoiler : :
1.YOBA Gaming
3.WTF? Teamkillers
5.WTF? NoobRotten
6.KoD Phantom
7.KoD Crazymen
8.Kings and Crowns
10.No Unit
12.Special Operations Brigade 117
13.Project 956
14.Lion de la Plaine
17.Napalm Sunrise

Team leaders
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Re: Clash of the Clans III 3vs3 Tournament

Postby SikkeSakke » Thu 10 Apr 2014 23:57

As a CotCI fifth place holder and CotCII runner up, I think I need to try for the third time. Not signing any team up yet but I'm quite confident that I'll find couple of mates who dares to play with me. Tourney is allready a tradition so it would be shame for me to leave aside from that.

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Re: Clash of the Clans III 3vs3 Tournament

Postby Lonfield » Fri 11 Apr 2014 00:38

Hey DIrrty, count on me for that.
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Re: Clash of the Clans III 3vs3 Tournament

Postby T-80U » Fri 11 Apr 2014 19:44

YOBA Gaming signs in

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Re: Clash of the Clans III 3vs3 Tournament

Postby Werner Weinhold » Sat 12 Apr 2014 13:29

Will the Tourney be 3on3 or 4on4?

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Re: Clash of the Clans III 3vs3 Tournament

Postby Spektre » Sat 12 Apr 2014 16:13

3 vs 3

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Re: Clash of the Clans III 3vs3 Tournament

Postby Random » Sun 13 Apr 2014 18:24


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Re: Clash of the Clans III 3vs3 Tournament

Postby Tommoscimmia » Sun 13 Apr 2014 18:48

WTF? Teamkiller's



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Re: Clash of the Clans III 3vs3 Tournament

Postby Lemieux » Mon 14 Apr 2014 00:52

When is deadline to give teams?

We may field two teams so need to communicate between ourselves first.

Edit: What days and times will this be played? or will it be a week/round thing?

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Re: Clash of the Clans III 3vs3 Tournament

Postby Drrty-D » Mon 14 Apr 2014 01:33

Lemieux wrote:When is deadline to give teams?

We may field two teams so need to communicate between ourselves first.

Edit: What days and times will this be played? or will it be a week/round thing?

The start of the tournement will be probably set to 02.05.2014(Friday),if we dont get enough teams we maybe postpone it a bit until we have at least 16 teams.

It also depends on the release of the game,if its as planned and the Tourney starts 02.05.2014 the deadline to give teams will be 01.05.2014.

The format of the Tournament will stay the same as before-Double elimination,1 week per round,Conquest will be the game mode.
Maps are deteriminated by veto and i think about doing the same for starting money income rate and time of the games.
For starting money we could set 2000,3000,4000
For income we could set veto beetween low,normal and high
For time of the game we could set to 30,40 and 60 min.
If its too much we drop it and set some standards like 40 min,3000 starting money and medium income,but veto everything(except gamemode ofc) could be fun imo :-).

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