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Eugen Systems Future Plans (2018)

Posted: Wed 7 Feb 2018 17:17
by Sonki3
Hey there.

I wonder if you could tell me what Eugen Systems plans are for 2018.

I am personally interested in it. :D

I do not ask for Top Secret material, just to know what new things will be released in 2018 and maybe 2019.

Thanks for infos. :P

Re: Eugen Systems Future Plans (2018)

Posted: Mon 19 Feb 2018 22:23
by USIron
Yes, the problem with creating or seeking a new fan base (WW2) is that you lose your old one.

ES has gone down the same route as that other great game developer (Total War Series TW) which now has so many titles, and is trying to appeal to so many different gamers, that it is now hard to know, let alone choose, where there mind is at, or which title is worth a try. Their product line is a chaotic mess. ES hasn't got there yet, but the process has started. TW began by creating historic titles, making a name for itself with its historical accuracy and shear comittment to the genre (I think it basically created this genre of gaming on the PC or at least perfected it). Shogun, Medieval and Rome put them on the map. Then it decided to branch out into a whole range of different things, losing the fan-base it had built up over the years, like me.

ES has made a name for itself as a "modern" wargaming title. That is its current fan base built up over many years, including me. Its direction should be obvious. You continue to go down the Red Dragon route, creating a version with modern (as in todays military weapons 2018, F35 etc...) to permit players to wargame with modern armies and their different nations. Yes you can choose to go a different direction, but just remember that your situation is like Trump. If you don't support your fan-base, they will not support you. Supporting a fan base means giving them what they want. It doesn't mean answering every request, or answering every email, or even most of them. It means getting a gut-feeling for what your fan-base wants and then going down that route. Looking at forums helps but it is not all of it. Its about a developer and a fan-base being in synch with each other, and all I see now suggests the opposite.

Good luck finding a new fan-base. It will take years to build it, if you succeed? Your future is modern wargaming. Its a formula that works for you. It's what differentiates you from your competitors. Continue what you started. Ignore this warning if you will.

But anyway, thankyou for the Wargame Series. It is fantastic. And its great to see a French developer. I hope you don't get bought by some soul-less mega enterprise, as most do. But then again, it may be your retirement plan. I won't criticise someone's retirement plan. We all have to eat.

Best wishes from a concerned fan. Still a fan for now - but watching and can't support you financially at the moment because there is nothing on offer for your old fan base anymore.

Re: Eugen Systems Future Plans (2018)

Posted: Wed 7 Mar 2018 17:23
by Crotou
If you really were an "oldfag", you would have talked about RUSE. You know, that brilliant WW2 strategy game.

So please, don't say "old fan base" when referring to Red Dragon fans. ;)

Re: Eugen Systems Future Plans (2018)

Posted: Thu 15 Mar 2018 20:33
by USIron
Seems like the only "old-fag" on this forum is you judging by your number of posts and encyclopedic knowledge.

Posts like yours are the reason that people don't come on forums. Rude people like you who call people names and criticise others for having an opinion. I don't know what part of the planet you live in, but calling someone a "fag" is a pretty offensive term where I come from. I am not asking anyone to agree with me -simply to give my opinion. You don't have to agree with it. I don't care...

I think it is against forum rules to criticise "flame" other forum users - if it isn't it should be.***

Re: Eugen Systems Future Plans (2018)

Posted: Thu 22 Mar 2018 20:51
by varis
Guys, please keep the tone down and observe basic respect for each other. Already more has been said than what is meant. Let the ideas flow.

AFAIK the only long-standing franchises of Eugen are WarGame and Act of War. Ruse was not a real commercial success and didn't develop any sequels.

Usually Eugen will announce new titles when the time is ready, a few months before the release. For what we know, there has been no info whether there is gonna be a new SD title, an expansion, or what.

Re: Eugen Systems Future Plans (2018)

Posted: Fri 23 Mar 2018 15:31
by Crotou
@USIron : :lol: Sorry if I hurt you with the "oldfag" word. It's a term I saw commonly used to designate self-proclaimed "old/true/best fans" opposing themselves to "newfags".

I read it so often on the internet that I ended forgetting it was a quite dirty word.

Sorry for that.

Re: Eugen Systems Future Plans (2018)

Posted: Sat 24 Mar 2018 10:14
by USIron
Apology accepted. I take back what I wrote as well, I have obviously misjudged you. Emails/posts are notorious for getting the wrong-end-of-the-stick. Regards and have a good day...