worst VH campaign i ever played

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Re: worst VH campaign i ever played

Postby Vulcan 607 » Sat 13 Oct 2018 06:41

I found ALB easy especially the war in the north campaign lol rocket F5 spam can defeat anything!

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Re: worst VH campaign i ever played

Postby Sigirdiwarth » Sat 13 Oct 2018 13:16

What's a VH?

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Re: worst VH campaign i ever played

Postby molnibalage » Mon 15 Oct 2018 09:53

tdh10 wrote:... well I played games like total war and have some tough play, sure the AI have some bonuses but can be manage and have fun.... in short when you play game in VH expect AI bonuses and all..... but this game..? wargame:ALB is the most heavily cheated game at VH i've ever played!!!

1.) the AI almost always magically have tanks when I'm about to move units up front and or reposition command vhicles

2.) the enemy AI sams can "ONE SHOT" my planes while I have 3 nike AD and cannot shot down a single enemy Migs!!!

3.) never mind the INITIATIVE B.S... the enemy seems to have endless resources it can field entire army in mins...

4.) moral?? no sir, those PACT forces have super eyes it can kill any armored vehicle in one shot... !! can you belive this SH@#t, while you have to have 4 leopards to kill a T72...

5.) and yes... the AI have spy satellite somewhere since they always run and ram directly to where your damn command vehicle is, no matter how well or how far you position it....

VH = very hard I guess

Which campaign do you play?

Nike...? Is only HAWK in the game.

Only 8-9HE missiles can one shot kill air planes with critical hit.

One shot tank kill...? It is so funny at the weekend just for curiosity I replayed the last and longest campaign on very hard level. With 25CP centurion spam even without air cover I eradicated in close combat 100CP T-72BIs and other tanks with 2:1 value ratio

In ALB at very close range anything can kill a tanks regardless of AP but this is very rare. (Below 350 meter? In RD this effect was eliminated.)

This table is still true at longer ranges.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/lon0cgmjfqwq1 ... .xlsx?dl=0 (KE tab)
One shot kill is almost impossible for best USSR tanks even the crappiest blue tanks in campaign this is simply math.

I guess you simply do not understand how works the game and understanding the effect of IP + morale values for initial CP and target victory score.

I won the hardest campaign with 315/0 points at the 10th or 11th day so way that at last day with some of BGs I played totally suicide way to get faster the battle with US battlegroup with A-10s. In case of fighters and SAMs are eliminated the 4xA-10 is simply unstoppable...

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