I want to share an interesting information for you

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I want to share an interesting information for you

Postby Celena » Mon 23 Sep 2019 19:06

I have noticed as the Wargame community has started to grow and that it is becoming more hostile, and I have noticed on the forums people saying semi-rude things similar to:

"wow you used that source, what an idiot can't you even do real research"

"no x vehicle came in service in year y not year z, wow you are just a stupid fanboy of nation q"

"wow side n ;) stop crying about unit t its balanced and you just suck"


Also, the Wargame chat is a on a whole other level.

It would make me happy if the Wargame community stays a nice community unlike games like WoT or LoL, as it isn't very fun to play the latter two because of their community.

Also no, I don't mean "be super nice and never tell anybody that they are wrong" just remember everyone has feelings! :)

Post your thoughts on this please, thanks in advance 8-)

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