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[T3K] Recruiting mature players for RD

Posted: Wed 2 Apr 2014 16:38
by Chaos
The 3 kings [T3K] is recruiting for RD, we welcome pro's and noobs alike as we all have to start somewhere. 8-)
The only requirement we ask is that you be mature as some of the conversations on coms is not fit for public consumption :P .
We are also recruiting for Euro and Pacific timezones although sometimes, I and some others are on all night gaming due to insomnia.

We are also a very small multi gaming community atm that started middle of last year, with around 11 active members whom mostly play in bf4 and other games but I am hoping to change that soon in red Dragon.

If you would like to join us on our venture then please reply in this thread and register on our forums so you get to know the clan @ with the same name you use in Red Dragon and follow the recruitment post. First posts do require approval from myself or another forum admin due to spam bots.

We have our own forum as above and an unlimited teamspeak3 server but most of our clan members like to use Skype and some don't use coms at all which is also fine.
I have personally run quite a few different clans over the years ranging from Command & Conquer, The Battlefield series to racing games and mmo's, where I have been a part off and help coordinate internal and external tournaments with small prizes, which will come in time again for our members as we grow.

The only rules we have in place is, no racism/sexism, no cheating and no obscene offensive language in public as some of the games we play are for all ages and when you are wearing the clan tag, you are speaking on behalf of the clan whenever you talk in a public channel and the last rule being mostly to have, FUN :twisted:

Re: [T3K] Recruiting for RD

Posted: Thu 3 Apr 2014 23:06
by ShyApocalypse
Hi, I'm really interested in joining your clan i have now applied on your website and hopefully be accept soon. I look forward to playing with a few people who like to have a good time and play as a group instead of these lone wolves you find, i also am a big BF4 fan so who knows hopefully i can play with that part of the clan also. It will be great to find what other games you lot play.

Looking forward to hearing back from you

Re: [T3K] Recruiting mature players for RD

Posted: Mon 7 Apr 2014 16:47
by Chaos
Good to see you on our forums and joining our bf4 group :)