Realistic Themed Accurate Battles

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Realistic Themed Accurate Battles

Postby Beachball » Tue 8 Apr 2014 12:28

Hello, my name is beachball and I have played Wargame for a very long time (EE was amazing, AB was a bit lacking, RD is promising)

In my recent experience on Red Dragon I have came to a sad conclusion that the current multi-player lobbies are just not my thing (Team Stacking, Very Competitive for pub matches, Decks arent realistic and just designed to be OP)

So I've been thinking about this and finally have the determination to try it.

My plan is: To gather a small group of players (enough for a 3v3 game) in which each deck is accurately made for the theme of the battle (Invasion of Iraq, Staged recreations of how the cold war would've happened etc.) free of all cancerous things such as suiscouts (troop carriers and trans helis used as scouts and forced to die),

If the level of realism is liked I could even see teams of 3 players each divided into categories of:
Support & Logistics
Armour & Vehicle based Infantry
Airborne Infantry, Close Air Support, Air Superiority

This is of course subject to change and when the addition of Maritime units happens it will change.

I'm looking for those interested, whether you're a military enthusiast, cold war enthusiast or just love realism please do add me on steam

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