Looking for a new clan

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Looking for a new clan

Postby mcobra1588 » Thu 17 Apr 2014 19:08

Hello everyone,

Im looking for a new clan for Wargame RD. I have extensive multiplayer milsim background, as well as previous clan leadership experience, and would like to get into the RD clan world. I am 26, with a good amount of time available due to my awesome work schedule haha. I preferably am looking for a smaller clan that is starting out and looking to expand. Most importantly though is a clan with a similar outlook/plan as myself. I want to play organized cooperative matches with deck synchronicity etc, as well as eventual competitive play.

I am open to offers, feel free to contact me anytime

Email - mcobra1588@gmail.com
Steam - [APG]Cobra , or mcobra1588 for username

I look forward to hearing from prospective clans!

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Re: Looking for a new clan

Postby laubox » Fri 18 Apr 2014 22:51

added in steam

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Re: Looking for a new clan

Postby KattiValk » Fri 18 Apr 2014 22:58

The PLA would be happy to see you on New Player Night or even just to drop buy and play some games. It's a TS clan so you'll have to have that but it's a great clan (just don't play against them, you'll regret it, I should know). :D

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