Clan/Group :The Dragoons

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Clan/Group :The Dragoons

Postby futurePro » Sun 20 Apr 2014 05:28

Hi Wargames Player !

We ,the Dragoons are a small but growing group that been playing alot on airland and decide to make a clan for RD.
We are now recruiting players new and vet to come and get a game with us and see if you like playing with us ! :D
we accept all kind of people (unless you are a bastrard! Lol) and have only one rule : be nice and greatfull with the people you play with.

Right now our members are between 10 ,15 but were also a open group that like to play with people that dont want to join but rather have a good game with us.

We have daily members online and ready to play so hop on and get lets get a game together! :D

We also have a steamgroup that have more info about us :

If you interesse Send me a msg here or add me in steam and ill get a game together ! Steam username #FuturePro

P.s we using TS3 so that needed if you want to join.

See you on the battlefied !
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