[EU] LF 2 Teammates

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[EU] LF 2 Teammates

Postby Gravedigger1988 » Mon 21 Apr 2014 00:52


We recently lost our 4th Mate so were currently looking for 1 new guy who fill this spots permanetly.

Our normal game times are daily between 18.00-2400 GMT +1 usually as much games as possible with some short breaks in between.
Weekends is pretty much open ended.

Usually we play Destruction, Low Points (500 each player) Low income Matches, on Bluefor and Opfor really depends how long it takes to get ppl into the Lobby

We provide Teamspeak, all we want from you is your Time, advanced knowledge of how the game works and more time! Also you should be atleast 18 / 19 of age or atleast dont have a squeaky teeny voice.

About us, im from Germany, the other dude is from the UK im 26 hes 20 we got both together roughly 500h Wargame Multiplayertime

Just leave a message if u are interested or add me ingame (Forum name is the same as wargame)

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