Looking for a Clan

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Looking for a Clan

Postby eagleeye7295 » Sat 28 Mar 2015 19:43

I'm Eagleeye7295. I am currently a college student (sophomore) in Vermont. I am looking for a well rounded Wargame clan, that is willing to help other players improve and get better. I have some experience in Wargame, and have all three games. If you have any questions you can add me on steam [FTS]Eagleeye7295 (FTS is just a small community that has almost nothing to do with any games.) Thank you.

Exit: Iam usually online and available to play after 7 PM EST. On the weekends I can be on at any time.
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Re: Looking for a Clan

Postby another505 » Sat 28 Mar 2015 21:11

theres not much clan in this game

PLF and Days are the biggest

they should have a thread for it
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