TV series you need to watch

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Re: TV series you need to watch

Postby REDDQ » Thu 23 Jun 2016 16:54

D-M wrote:This is just an optical trick. :>

That's what she said.

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Re: TV series you need to watch

Postby D-M » Thu 23 Jun 2016 16:56

hon hon hon

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Re: TV series you need to watch

Postby StalkerDellaNote » Mon 21 Aug 2017 15:00

Amazon prime's 'Comrade Detective' fucking watch it!

Amazon's been doing some really good shit! They're competing well with HBO

Man in the High Castle, Goliath, & Sneaky Pete are three that I thoroughly enjoyed, Comrade Detective has me hooked now, it's good dry humor with that cheesy 80s nonsense I eat up like a fat kid
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Re: TV series you need to watch

Postby Holy_crap » Wed 23 Aug 2017 01:57

I had fun watching Burn Notice. Was a pretty solid way to kill time.

Also I loved Monk and Psych, pretty solid shows that felt mostly fresh throughout though have gotten more repetitive towards the end.
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Re: TV series you need to watch

Postby Galvan_Richard » Mon 18 Sep 2017 13:00

Game of Thrones of course!!

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Re: TV series you need to watch

Postby nuke92 » Sat 31 Mar 2018 21:21

Jericho (2006)

post apocalyptic action drama
To keep it short a small isolated town in Kansas trying to survive and figure out what happened after a limited nuclear strike by an unknown enemy.

I watched season one of this show during it's original run and for some reason never continued to season two (only 7 episodes). Unfortunately it was cancelled.
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Re: TV series you need to watch

Postby adelec32 » Tue 15 May 2018 05:04

Drrty-D wrote:My favorites in the last years (what isnt already mentioned)

- Vikings
- Breaking Bad(after 3 years of saying NO Douche plain-pied,i finally start watching and must say top3 series ever)
- Boardwalk Empire
- South Park(3,4 epic episodes per season,the rest is just fullfilling the contract)
- Hannibal
- The Wire

Btw,good topic,i am out of Tv series these days,Breaking Bad 5th Seasons and nothing left ....aaaa :) .Will google some tips i didnt recognize ;) .

I especially regretted that breaking low is finished so early.

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Re: TV series you need to watch

Postby Kirill_GV001 » Tue 15 May 2018 15:30

Jericho is quite awesome, it's one of the rare US series I did watch by myself... and re-watched later on.

But I find it funny now that I looked at it with a political point of view (disclaimer : what I'm going to say is a description of something I watched, not my opinions, or an argument for/against a political system. Oh, major spoilers for Jericho by the way)

Spoiler : :
After the initial shoch, the town begins to organise for the population to live without external help.
What do they do? They put all resources (the salt mine, the fields, fuel, the generators) together for collective use, everyone works for everyone and receives the results of everyone's work (the farmers put their harvest in the common pool, in return they are protected by the militia, receive food and medical treatment without paying), the ones trying to speculate on resources for personal profit get smacked, everyone is put to work according to their abilities, and receive the results of everyone's labour according to their needs ; in other word, with all of their Gadsden flag waving, AR15 toting, Texas glorifying American pride, the main characters enforce communism.

This analysis is supported by the fact that the main enemies, the bandits, the Ravenwood mercenaries, New Bern and the ASA government represent respectively the criminal mob, predatory politics (taking the resources you need by force instead of producing them), fascism (using a collective feeling of unjustice to justify an invasion of a foreign community aimed at seizing its resources and putting its population in forced labour), and corporate capitalism (state owned by a company, with nationalistic undertones a la "we should have stayed in Vietnam and nuked the border").

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Re: TV series you need to watch

Postby Akropolis24 » Tue 30 Oct 2018 10:27

Narcos 3 season, but i heard it's lame. First and second season are very nice

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