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Re: Games I am officially EXCITED about.

Posted: Wed 20 Jun 2018 20:15
by nuke92

the generic title though

Re: Games I am officially EXCITED about.

Posted: Fri 13 Jul 2018 22:04
by D-M
Is it more generic than Wargame though ?

chykka wrote:focus will be at e3 guys, although regarding eugens current status with them I don't wanna get your hopes up ;)

a multiplayer version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R seems promising.

Survarium was trash (and stil in fucking beta ffs), I see it as just trend following cash grab.

Re: Games I am officially EXCITED about.

Posted: Thu 19 Jul 2018 15:01
by StalkerDellaNote
nuke92 wrote:

the generic title though

:cry: It's everything I've always wanted in a modern FPS! It's fucking beautiful! Title is dumber than a box of rocks but OMG!

Essentially Battlefield with multinational representation, hyper in-depth weapon customization, matches impact an ongoing global campaign, real world locations.. Fuck yeah!

Thank god, it seems finally somebody noticed my Battlefield forum posts I've been spamming since like.. 2013 lol

Let's pray this thing breezes through early access and isn't a massive flop!

Re: Games I am officially EXCITED about.

Posted: Fri 20 Jul 2018 08:51
by chykka
Yeah FFA fps seems like a trend that will fade out.
It's been a thing since Split screen. I havn't played any online ones, tbh that peeved me at e3 it's for the game releases not the games already out and worst of all f2p. Watch it be the first STALKER with no Story or campaign.
imo the idea reminds me of playing something as silly as dangerous hunts, where your goal is to be the last thing standing in the forest xD.

Re: Games I am officially EXCITED about.

Posted: Thu 9 Aug 2018 02:30
by Grabbed_by_the_Spets

Re: Games I am officially EXCITED about.

Posted: Thu 9 Aug 2018 04:23
by Xeno426
Why is the volume so quiet?

Anyway, I've played through Pillars of Eternity II. The writing isn't as good as the previous game, but it's still very good.

Re: Games I am officially EXCITED about.

Posted: Sat 11 Aug 2018 01:04
by frostypooky

looking good for the second course, one of the few reboots done right in a time of shitty reboots.

Re: Games I am officially EXCITED about.

Posted: Tue 11 Sep 2018 10:25
by varis
The best games often are the quirky ones with long, challenging learning curves. I'm just about ready to declare ARMA3 the best computer game ever made, or at least, second only to the phenomenal Eve Online.

Released over 5 years ago, unpolished and without much content - a partial campaign and just a half a handful of vehicles - the game has slowly established itself as one of the most successful titles on Steam. Until recently content has been added gradually by the developer in the form of DLCs and expansions. More is expected from 3rd parties - BI have already partnered with other studios and even the Red Cross (no other company was interested in their offer). The richness of features and interplay of different components is staggering, from the detail of infantry movement and guns benefiting from bipods when prone shooting to vehicles having thermal vision with different modes and missiles implementing different flight types; armored and airborne transport is copious and helicopters can sling load supplies or heavy equipment. The maps are so large that even jets fit in unlike in the Battlefield series. Latest addition are anti-radiation missiles (SEAD!!! :lol: ).

The design is centered on high moddability - and the community has been busy! Steam Workshop is loaded with various missions, game modes, units, mechanisms and utilities, some very serious and high grade. The just recently published WarMachine game mode feels like a nice fresh take on the classical combined arms shooter themes, with an infantry focus but you can also use various vehicles and call in support like artillery, air strikes, heli transport and supplies. On the other hand there are modes going back 15 years to Operation Flashpoint and with a full scale war/economy like BECTI where you build your own private army and fight over the whole island - the game can take around the clock or more. RPG servers are more like a traditional MMO experience. And there is a deathmatch mode where you die in a few seconds after spawning - can't understand why somebody wants to play that but they do, the ARMA community is rather large nowadays.

I think there's currently some misconceptions about ARMA - the franchise has evolved, moved to the mainstream (or the mainstream moved this way?), and is now giving the cookie cutter shooters a run for their money. True there's a learning curve, and just knowing where to start is an issue. But the game does a fairly good job of easing you into it, there's tutorials and of course the various showcases and a storylined campaign. In multiplayer, the zeus mode is a unique yet accessible experience and for a traditional shooter like experience there is KotH and others. Learning to use the editor or zeus provides you with a very powerful learning platform.

It's like I've adopted 4-5 different games when playing ARMA 3. It grows gradually on you - you can take a break and come back later and fall in love again when you find something that's just suited for you. Again it has been proven that if you start from a very different proposal than the competition you can build a very unique experience.

Re: Games I am officially EXCITED about.

Posted: Thu 13 Sep 2018 05:35
by varis
ARMA 3 turned 5 yesterday... and guess what, they have a sale: ... 0996147200

You'd pay a bit less than I did, most of the stuff is -66% off. Actually, bundles change the picture a leetle bit, didn't notice the Apex Edition:

arma-180913.png (336.25 KiB) Viewed 1652 times

You'd just need the DLC Bundle 2 (not so heavily discounted) for the full experience. It's worth considering, since a number of vehicles wouldn't otherwise be accessible (BI pissed off some players here, then again this doesn't fracture the game as such and I guess you have to pay for something in DLCs). Same for firearms though I think all are already included in the Apex Edition, DLC-B2 is primarily the new AFV and jets.

If WarGame had such deep discount I'd be buffing it to my ARMA friends :) Might actually get one or two Apex Editions to distribute as gifts given that pricing.

I'd like to correct my previous post a bit: even the first part of the SP campaign wasn't published until 1.5 months after the release. For the next episode they had to wait even longer. Kinda makes me wonder what content there actually was at release... a few guns and some tutorials? :roll: But ARMA is really more like a platform than a game, and I read there was already thousands of user made missions available in Steam Workshop at the time.

Beta was 3 months but there was also the alpha for 3 months. Kinda shows that those months can pay off in some cases. The sales curve sounds interesting: in the first 8 months 1 million copies were sold - it took them a bit over 4 years more to sell an additional 3 million copies. Reflects interestingly to topics we've discussed before on Eugen games... Could the next Eugen title be a platform product? I recall the Universal Military Simulator and Steel Panthers 2/WinSPMBT which both covered quite wide timespans.

Re: Games I am officially EXCITED about.

Posted: Thu 13 Sep 2018 06:42
by Grabbed_by_the_Spets
varis wrote:The best games often are the quirky ones with long, challenging learning curves. I'm just about ready to declare ARMA3

I'll take "Things I never thought I'd hear unironically about ArmA" for 500 please!

phenomenal Eve Online.

Ehhhh, I'll just say different thing float our boats...

Playing Divinity OS:2 Definitive edition. I actually think it's a lot worse than the classic. Most "Balance fixes" seem to just be full of "Gotcha" encounters that seem to be impossible to beat unless you know and prep before hand. Some of the worse balanced bosses as of so far have not been made to fight more fair *cough*AliceAlicseon*cough*

I seems bugger than the classic, having crashed several times, and forced to restart several time more often due to a game breaking bugs.

Sir Lora seems interesting, but he has barely any health and sometimes a boss will just target and one hit him, forcing us to restart the whole fight...