Hypothetic Conflicts! Why not bring some Ideas?

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Re: Hypothetic Conflicts! Why not bring some Ideas?

Postby quigglebert » Tue 7 Oct 2014 20:51

UK vs France
Agincourt II, with a vengeance

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Re: Hypothetic Conflicts! Why not bring some Ideas?

Postby CommieKiller757 » Tue 7 Oct 2014 21:03

Soviet victory in Afghanistan leads to a joint assault on Pakistan alongside India. Pakistan needs to hold until American forces can arrive to assist.

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Re: Hypothetic Conflicts! Why not bring some Ideas?

Postby chema1994 » Tue 7 Oct 2014 22:14

Spanish Civil War 2 Things go wrong during the transition, the communists gain power and the USSR comes to help
Republican Spain + USSR + expeditionary units from the Eastern Bloc
Francoist Spain + USA + UK

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Re: Hypothetic Conflicts! Why not bring some Ideas?

Postby T80U = tankbankai » Tue 7 Oct 2014 22:25

Expanded South African Border War part 1: The USSR secretly begins to send equipment and advisers to Angola to support Cuba while the USA does the same with South Africa.

South Africa VS Cuba & UNITA.

Part 2: Both the USA and USSR find out each superpower is funding their respective side, soon combat troops are sent to South Africa and Angola as tensions rise into war.

USA & UK & South Africa VS USSR & Cuba & UNITA.
Wargame: Mediterranean Factions/Thread Of The Year
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Re: Hypothetic Conflicts! Why not bring some Ideas?

Postby Tipsy » Tue 7 Oct 2014 22:35


A failed military satellite launch by Greenland is deemed as an act of terrorism and blamed on the USSR. In retalliation, the NPA (North Pole Alliance) launches a nuclear strike against Brazil, the largest wood producer, to cripple the Russian Matryoshka Doll industry. Therefore causing the Ruble to inflate to heights not seen since Germany's Hyperinflation of the 1920's.

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Re: Hypothetic Conflicts! Why not bring some Ideas?

Postby Azaz3l » Tue 7 Oct 2014 22:38

USSR and USA team up to fight against aliens. Ala XCOM or Xenonauts.

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Re: Hypothetic Conflicts! Why not bring some Ideas?

Postby another505 » Tue 7 Oct 2014 22:40

Azaz3l wrote:USSR and USA team up to fight against aliens. Ala XCOM or Xenonauts.

Would love that, every nation banded together against aliens or vampire nazi zombies :lol:
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Re: Hypothetic Conflicts! Why not bring some Ideas?

Postby Regnar » Tue 7 Oct 2014 22:46

Wargame: The Unholy Alliance

USA and USSR team up, declare war on the rest of the world.

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Re: Hypothetic Conflicts! Why not bring some Ideas?

Postby Coronel Etilo » Tue 7 Oct 2014 22:47

Centurion wrote:
Coronel Etilo wrote:About the idea, it's a good one, Tom Clancy's "Bear and the Dragon" tells a war between this two giants. In another book, "Executive Orders" he writes about a war between Japan and USA.

I just thought how best to make a campaign where blue and redfor fight together.

Coronel Etilo wrote:About the reference to Malvinas, do you think it's neccesary? The good thing about Wargame series is not touching some pain - real life succeses. In Argentina, Malvinas islands are a national cause. But, if anymore thinks a 2nd War in Malvinas (Falklands) was possible, meybe would be setted in the 80's, possible between 1988 and 1990.

If there was, it'd have to be during the 2KW campaign and be the worst thing imaginable.

Good idea redfor and bluefor together.

What about this nightmare?

Something like that:

August, 1977 - Carter Doctrine established in USA. The first Rapid Deployment Forces are designated to not interfere with american commitment in NATO. From then to mid 1978, this force only exist in paper, with american combat morale serious battered after Vietnam.

November, 1978 - As consecuence of the long time turmoil in Iran, the oil production in the country is near collapse. Exports to USA are diminishing to very low levels.

December, 1978 - As situation worsening, Iranian Imperial Army starts to crumble. Officers and rank, demoralised against orders of suppress the crowds, began to desert.

January 16th, 1979 - Persian Shah left Iran to never return. Americans attempts to stablish a non radical government seems to work, as Bakhtiar, the last Shah appointed Prime minister, takes office.

February 1st, 1979 - Iranian Revolutionary leader, Ayatolah Khomeini, arrives in country. Ten days later, Revolution is proclamed. USA losts his best ally in Middle East, and a potential ally in a regional or wider war against USSR.

February 17th, 1979 - PLA crosses the border and invade Vietnam. The PLA quickly advance 20 km in Vietnamese territory and then stop. Vietnamise army, currently occupying Combodia, starts guerrilla tactics. Major Vietnamese units where assigned to Hanoi defense and not were relocated. URSS stars massive military aid campaign, but best calculations made indicates that only a full military comitment against PRC will save Vietnamese allies from being overwhelmed, if PLA advances in depth.

March 1st, 1979 - PRC and USA establish formal embassies. USSR leadership fear about two nuclear enemies mkaing good relations.

March 16, 1979 - Failing to attract VPA in Combodia, and after taking several border cities without clashing with Vietnamese regular troops in force, China recall their divisions from Vietnam, aplying scorched earth policy before. USSR Politburó orders the Soviet Armed Forces contingency plans for war in three fronts, Europe, Caucasus and Far Asia.

April, 1979 - Energy Crisis affects USA. A worried Carter order the military contingency plans to secure Middle Eastern oil and communiction lines between middle east and USA. Rapid deployment forces where assigned this study mission. In Moskow, GRU annalists identify air cover, quantity and quality of mechanized elements and lack of self propeled artillery as the main setbacks of chinese military.

April - June, 1979 - Soviet Armed Forces and KGB set up two different and congruent plans to counter the world struggle against them. First of all, China next generation of ICBM was discover and calculated not being ready for field before summer of 1980. In the other side, inteligence reports inform that the USA are stablishing and training al least 4 army and one Marine division to be sent worldwide, in commitment with american interests. That force will be an american effort outside NATO commitment, augmenting the danger to any Soviet deterrence plan. KGB suggests Politburó to "get the americans in trouble with current SALT II discussions, as Soviet war planners analize this new threat, and a counter to that.

June 18th, 1979 - Jimmy Carter and Leonid Breznhev signs the SALT II agreement.

July, 1979 - GRU informs Politburó that Mujaheddin rebel forces in ally state Afghanistan are being armed by China, apparently with US funds. Moscow send more and more military advisors to help to fight the Guerrillas. PLA heavy deployment is detectected in Xinjiang, neighbouring to Afghanistan.

September, 1979 - A US newspaper claims to have information about a Soviet Combat Brigade secretly based in Cuba. Republican oposition in Congress acusses US government of weakness.

October, 1979 - A first draft of "Operation Alexandr Nevsky" is presented to Politburó. Soviet Bombers will attack PRC nuclear Sites, in an attempt to neutralize China's atomic arsenal. VDV troops then will jump in to eliminate any wapon and all the personnel that survives the assault. Vietnamese troops will mobilize, to keep PLA Units tight in the border. Politburó suggests that India, too, may be coopted to colaborate attending manouvers in Chinese border. Asked about possible chinese retaliation, GRU admits that PLA will counterattack along Soviet and Mongolese borders. And about possible US intervention, the answer is not secure. No one could secure new american intervention force to came up to chinese aid. Plans are going to be rewritten.

November, 1979 - US Embassy in Teheran is taken by iranian youths. US military made plans to intervene, but no order cames to them. KGB reports "structural weakness" in US movements. Intelligence service of West principal agencies suspects the same as their soviet opponents.

24th to 28th December, 1979 - Soviet GRU AND KGB spetnaz take power in Kabul, killing Afghan dictator Amin. Soviet troops deploys in the coutry, to help the Afghan People Army in their struggle.

January, 1980 - US Government ban the export of grain and technollogy to the URSS. Pakistan, troubled by having soviet troops on its borders, seeks more american and chinese help. Indian intelligence detects arms flowing to Mujaheddin from China and USA, as proper Pakistan itself. Extreamly worried, Indian leaders calls for UN Security Council to intervene.

January 23rd, 1980. Addresing the nation, President Carter presents his doctrine, which stated that the United States would use military force if necessary to defend its national interests in the Persian Gulf. Internally, the the doctrine was criticized for not being backed by sufficient force. Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force is officially formed. 3 Carrier Groups are order to Indian Ocean and Red Sea.

February 15th, 1980 - UN Security council can't stop the escalade. Leonid Breznhev visits New York based UN Hedquarters, and with the world hearing at him, defies US government to ratify SALT II and propose a new pact on Medium range Nuclear Weapons to Europe. The URSS, he says, had been commited to stop the attrocities of a madman in Afghanistan and when their troops came they encountered rebels armed by PRC and the USA. Carter not responds the call. The US president, pressured by the Congress, declares that "The USA never will trust the world of a man that order the killing of a madman and the replacement of an old fashioned repressive government, to set up a more eficient and powerfull killing machine to do the job. Premier Breznhev, you have blood in your hands".

March, 1980 - Soviet intelligence detects that French Armed Forces distrust US policies, and prepare plans to be isolated in Europe. Inside NATO, various members have tense discussions about the path US allies are taking.

March 21st, 1980 - Soviet High Command decrees full mobilization. Several Armored and Mechanized Divisions based in East Germany and Checoslovakia are send to Soviet - Chinese border. 3 Armored Cat A divisions are put under command of 40th Army, in Kabul. Cat B Divisions from Leningrad and Ural Districts are send to other points of the sino-soviet border. NATO intelligence fears a massive maskirovska, but inteligence reports from NSWP countries are confusing: they are not warned of these changes.

March 22nd, 1980 - US Intelligence confirms to their chinese counterpart that soviets are sendig Cat A divisions to the East. China beguns full movilization of their massive armies. Carter administrations gave orders to study a deployment of RDF to China, to counter the soviet threat.

March 23rd, 1980 - Activated Cat C divisions are set to Germany to cover the massive build up in China's border. NSWP are formally infrmated that annually military drills are going to be held as usual, in May.

March 29th, 1980 - In a brillliant display of secret diplomacy, Soviet officials obtain compromises from India and Vietnam to mobilize their troops, in an effort to drain chinese troops to these points of the common border. India obtains the license and assistance to mount two complexes to buid T-72 tanks and MIG-23BN jets. Vietnamese were promised a Sverdlov class Cruiser, the recently put in reserve Dzerzhinsky, and two Kashin-class destroyers, to be supplied as the conflict defuses.

April 2nd, 1980 - Soviet planners present a new, final plan to the Politburó. China is going to be attacked by two powerful forces, one from Vladivostok whose primary target Liaoning, covering all the North Korean- chinese border, and another from the Afgan - chinese border, to brak away and penetrate swiftly in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, to then drive towards north and merge with a soviet third column marching from Mongolia. both columns will close an enourmous Pocket. The Politburó, worried about possible nuclear retaliation, is informed of the existence of a previous - firs strike plan "Ivan the Terrible" to nullify Chinese capability to use nuclear weapons. The D Day is set: 12th June, 1980.

April - May 1980 - As tensions rise, PLA and Soviet Army deploys to their common border. India and Vietnam put their respective Armed Forces in full alert. India fully mobilize their army to preplaned positions to counter aggression from Pakistan or China. PLA needs to redeploy some of their forces to their southern borders. Pakistan Army deploys to their border with India and Afghanistan.

May 4th, 1980 - Warsaw Pact military leaders assembly in a secret place, in Poland. After explaining the troop movements of lasts months, Soviet comanders confirm Spring manouvers and give details of "Operation Peter the Great". At the end of WP manouvers, in July, all the forces available in Europe must be ready for a single push to the Rhine.

May 6th, 1980 - Soviet air units of Frontal Aviation in Northern Group of Forces are ordered to air bases in Afghanistan. Same case with Air component of Soviet Group of Forces in Germany, as Far East military Districts being reinforced with aviation assets from Central Group of Forces.

May 7th, 1980 - the Embassies of France, United Kingdom and notably, West Germany, are invited to Victory Day celebrations in Moskow. The invitation is accompanied by a statement of the Soviet Politburó to distend...
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Re: Hypothetic Conflicts! Why not bring some Ideas?

Postby panzersaurkrautwefer » Tue 7 Oct 2014 22:49

Soviet Union collapses into a series of warring parties competing to control the future Russian state. Take your pick from various flavors of liberal, nationalist, or communist elements. Pick the course of the war, and make broad political choices to try to curry domestic and international opinion.

Cow too much to the west? Nationalist groups will refuse to join your cause. Try to be Stalin 2.0? Say hello to NATO bombing raids.

NATO campaigns would be separate from the "Grand" campaign and instead focus on more narrow objectives like liberating the Kola Peninsula from the "Baron of Archangel" who's threatening to invade Finland (an excellent chance to include the "Viking" forces), or including some Blue Dragon elements in an attempt to secure Vladivostok and it's associated nuclear weapons. There could even be a weird Blue+Red vs Red campaign in which a US-German task force with Polish support fights to relieve a pro-western revolution in the Ukraine.

Oh, and sarcastic answer:

Spoiler : :
After the entirety of the French military is committed to the Korean theater in 1992, Russian forces invade France disguised as a hoard of Jerry Lewis impersonators. Will France fall to the red menace, or will the US Army save the day for the third time in a century?
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