Attack in Paris

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Re: Attack in Paris

Postby Doinize » Thu 7 May 2015 07:42

Lord Helmchen wrote:
D-M wrote:
I actually like it when people do so, that shows that our country values freedom of speech very much.

Aren't there blasphemy laws over there ?

Yeah, §166 StGB.

I don't actually like that paragraph. Because people can interpret what insulting a religion is and what not.
That's why I like France more in this aspect concerning secularism.

Yeah Germany needs some work regarding secularism.
Since the 50s the Supreme Court is like "hey how about you enforce the seperation of church and state as it is in our constitution?" And no governemt did...
The church/religion has a wierd influence here...marriage equality isnt coming to a close because the governing christian partys are uncomfortalbe with it (Clip out there of Merkel being asked by a gay guy if she thinks it should be so much harder for him and his partner to adopt a child and merkel just baisically says "yeah im really not comfortable with it and blah" and avoids the question and the guy steaight up asks her if that means that she puts her peraonal beliefs over the equality prinicple and she answers yes...)

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Re: Attack in Paris

Postby Kraxis » Thu 7 May 2015 14:21

Countess Bathory wrote:Would you take someone seriously if they said they were a Satanist, Wiccan or that they believed Burt Reynolds was God? I don't want to sound like a fedora tipping neckbeard but it's food for thought.

Good old Spaghetti Monster, save us from the unbelievers!
[EUG]MadMat wrote:MadMat says so many things ... :twisted:

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Re: Attack in Paris

Postby Graphic » Fri 8 May 2015 10:30 ... cks-402456

A US operation has killed the senior al-Qaida figure who issued the claim of responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, according to US sources familiar with the matter and a reported video posted by the group.

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