More DLC after Fins and Yugo?

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Re: More DLC after Fins and Yugo?

Postby Crotou » Wed 5 Oct 2016 09:42

PapaYankee wrote:We don't know yet. We're focusing on the announced DLCs (Nation Pack: Israel, Free 10v10 map, Double Nation Pack: Yugoslavia & Finland) for the moment.

I would pay for a WEE's Conquest mode DLC. I would pay not only with cookies but also with euros.

I would pay for WEE remastered. 8-)

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Re: More DLC after Fins and Yugo?

Postby Kinglorre » Wed 5 Oct 2016 11:35

Rooikat and Olifant or bust.


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Re: More DLC after Fins and Yugo?

Postby 47andrej » Wed 5 Oct 2016 19:34

Just some random info about iraqi weapon industry:

Prior to Gulf War Iraqis had 19 military plants running: the whole range of smallarms and ammo for it. AC, mortar, tank, arty shells. All kinds of MLRS and ballistic rockets. Both west and east variants: like 152 and 155 mm arty shells. Most vehicles were at least partially manufactured in Iraq: brasilian, french, soviet, yugoslavian licenses and so on. Iraqis fielded even own AWACS planes, also used them in last stage of Iran-Iraq War.

How many countries had AWACS back in 1990? Iraq had Baghdad-1 AWACS with radar integrated in tail and improved Adnan-1 conventially looking AWACS with rotodome radar over rump. Both were base on Il-76 cargo plane from USSR. AWACS planes were component of Iraqi IADS (Integrated Air Defence System).

The reason iraqi IADS performed bad against Coalition airforce was that it wasnt designed to work against such overwhelming air power, rather Iran or Israel. 1 plane got destroyed during the Gulf War, 2 planes escaped to Iran.

Baghdad-1(plane escaped to Iran)
Baghdad-1.jpg (104.84 KiB) Viewed 560 times

Iraqi footage of Adnan AWACS

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