[Non-included Nation] Albania

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Re: [Non-included Nation] Albania

Postby Partibrejker » Fri 3 Mar 2017 21:20

Comrade_Bane wrote:
FrangibleCover wrote:It's not like he'd have had a better time of it going into Greece. At least if they invade Yugoslavia they're not going to get all of NATO coming at them and the Kosovan Albanians would allow an excuse that you're merely 'liberating oppressed minorities' rather than madly landgrabbing, which is handy for the inevitable fight in the UN. Albania would get creamed in the actual fighting, obviously, but that seems like a strategic assessment too far for Mr. Everyone Gets A Bunker.

lol... touche'

Still curious to see the info behind it, it just seems too far fetched... even for Hoxha. After all after the Sino-Albanian split he kinda went quiet, and everyone ignored him.

well considering what FrangibleCover wrote, we can see that that is exactly what happened when Yugoslavia became "dissolved in water" Yugoslavia :)
Besides that, well, in the end, the invasion did not happen, because, if not anything else, 2 reasons:
1. Yugoslavia did not become "dissolved" Yugoslavia during his lifetime
2. Yugoslavia did not instantly become "dissolved" Yugoslavia when Tito died, it took decade and a half filled with nationalism and a civil war and God knows how many foreign influence for it to become the shadow of its former self it became in the end.
3. I guess that he was hoping that with first point and first half of the second point fulfilled that NATO would go hell yeah! for even more weakening a communist country and USSR laughing while it's biggest communism opponent (after China(for more details see what happened between Stalin and Tito in 1948)) started to struggle and that China would still support Albanian military and logistics 120% :) If you look at it that way, then they could have some 15-20% chance of success, and we all know that crazy dictators usually do not care about percentage as long as it is theoretically possible.

After all, it was a plan, idea, and one of the characteristics of a plan and idea is that they do not necessarily come true always :)

As for the info, well there is not a lot of it, basically even what we got, we only got because one guy decided to publish something that became declassified couple of years back, and even that in Russia, not some Yugoslavian country or Albania, maybe there is going to be more concrete information in the future, we shall see, I guess.

If you need more info on the relations on the Balkans since the "dawn of time" and onwards, feel free to ask me anytime, I can provide you with anything you need, though some of the stuff is probably not going to be in the English language :)
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Re: [Non-included Nation] Albania

Postby Comrade_Bane » Tue 7 Mar 2017 01:01

One potential positive of the new game... is that the Engine seems to be being optimized to include towed weapons.

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