The Deck System Explained In Video

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The Deck System Explained In Video

Postby Freki » Fri 10 May 2013 10:26

Wargame AirLand Battle, currently in early access multiplayer Beta phase for all players who pre-ordered the game, today tells us about the Deck system in a new video!

With commentary by Alexis Le Dressay, Creative Director of Eugen Systems, this one minute and a half video gives us an overview of the deck system and the possibilities it offers. Players may even already try it for themselves in the current multiplayer Beta!

With the Deck system, players can customize but also specialize their armies: they choose, from over 820 realistic units coming from 12 countries, the ones that will compose their army and the available reinforcements during their multiplayer battles. This way, they may create Decks adapted to their preferences and their strategies, or even Decks specifically built to counter the army of their opponent; or, Decks made to efficiently complement their teammates' armies during team matches!

Creating a specialized Deck allows specialization in specific areas such as airborne attacks, armored assaults, support and supplies, or mobile infantry. An elaborate bonus system allows players to create these decks, as well as "national" Decks, all while giving out exclusive bonuses that more generic decks will not have: higher performance prototype units, access to more reinforcements, or the availability of more units in a particular category.

Thanks to this Deck system, the strategic depth of the game climbs to another level, which is especially true in the new 10 versus 10 mode, which has been made available this week in the Beta!

Wargame Airland Battle is currently under early access Beta phase. The game will be available for PC on May 22nd 2013.

>> Watch the video <<
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Re: The Deck System Explained In Video

Postby Graphic » Fri 10 May 2013 12:28

Good stuff. Something to show the remaining few friends I haven't gotten to buy ALB to whet their appetite.

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Re: The Deck System Explained In Video

Postby RooksBailey » Sat 11 May 2013 02:34

I want to be able to make movies of the action like what was featured in that vid. I hope Eugen gives us similar movie making tools. Pretty please? 8-)

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