Patch 2012-03-29

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Re: Patch 2012-03-29

Postby [EUG]MadMat » Sat 31 Mar 2012 12:41

praslovan wrote:Well you are French... and they are Polish... stuff that doesn't sound weird to you sound weird to them and other way around. You can't take your French perspective and apply it to others (well all big nations like to do this). It is called being unobjective :roll:.

That's not being unobjective: we didn't make up "Strzelcy konni" by ourselves, it was found in a modern Polish OOB. And it matched with our own system, as well as many others: British have the Green Jacket, a regiment formed during the Napoleonic Wars, or the Fusiliers, created one century before. Germany has the Grenadiers, a name resurrected in 1942 to boost the Werhmacht's morale by making mechanized infantrymen the direct heir to Frederik the Great's elite, ...
I'm sure there are plenty other examples ....

EDIT: Seems like we've found the "Strzelcy konni" again ... ;)
Guaz wrote:We are using phrase 'kawaleria pancerna' which means 'armored cavalery', but references to elder times in unit names are not often [but it happens, there is even 'strzelcy konni' - 10th recon batalion 'strzelcy konni' of 11th armored cav div].

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Re: Patch 2012-03-29

Postby Hegemon » Sat 31 Mar 2012 12:48

Guaz wrote:
[EUG]MadMat wrote:
Guaz wrote:Ofcourse You have right, but 'Strzelcy konni' sugests that they are riflemen using... horses :lol: :D
'Koń' in polish means 'horse' :)

I know, but it didn't sound that wierd to us for, in the French Army, many units bear names directly inspired from the XVIIIe century or Napoleonic era: Hussards, Cuirassiers, Dragons, ... which were all horsemen.
So we thought it was the same in Poland, and that "Strzelcy konni" was the old name for "motorized infantry".

We are using phrase 'kawaleria pancerna' which means 'armored cavalery', but references to elder times in unit names are not often [but it happens, there is even 'strzelcy konni' - 10th recon batalion 'strzelcy konni' of 11th armored cav div].

There isn't anymore. It was between 1993-2010. But still we have Armored Cavalry Division and Brigades :)

Edit: In fact there is "7 batalion Strzelców Konnych Wielkopolskich" in 17 Mechanized Division :)
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Re: Patch 2012-03-29

Postby Kamfrenchie » Sat 31 Mar 2012 12:51

So what about the veterancy AOTM and rout issue ? These are still problems and i'd like to know when they can be fixed.

It gets quite ridicullous sometimes
Had heavy tanks been buffed there would not have been a need for a vts1 nerf.

so long as there's no AA ,your Havocs/Apaches should be ruling the skies unless you're absolute rubbish with them.

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Re: Patch 2012-03-29

Postby Polywarrior » Sat 31 Mar 2012 13:07

I believe that the W-EE community would benefit from some additional information regarding the changes - more specifically, why these changes have been made. For example, the recent changes to the attack helicopters. We are speculating whether or not it is a realism or balance change. If the change was due to balance, what made the devs realise that something needed changing? how is the game balanced (data mining perhaps?).

I am enjoying the game for the most part but I do question why certain units are not at a similar price bracket or availably to their opposition counterparts. In some cases, units being better and having more available while costing the same price or cheaper - doesn’t make sense.

PS, in reality the AH-64 is slower than the MI-24 in terms of flight speed.

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Re: Patch 2012-03-29

Postby derpcannon BG » Sat 31 Mar 2012 14:29

Now people will never play pact. :cry:

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Re: Patch 2012-03-29

Postby Dinaiss » Sat 31 Mar 2012 14:42

Hello all

Problem for me and all my mates since this afternoon, we can't see games in Multi mode and when we try to invite mates, they can't comes. :?

Salut a tous

Depuis hier soir le multi a des problèmes, il n'y a pas où peu de parties visibles dans le multi et quand on invite des potes, ils ne peuvent pas rejoindre. Pourtant d'autres joueurs peuvent ! :shock:

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Re: Patch 2012-03-29

Postby diana olympos » Sat 31 Mar 2012 15:13

You have not the recent patch, so you are in another lobby...

Check integrity of cache on Steam...

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Re: Patch 2012-03-29

Postby Slaughtersun » Sun 1 Apr 2012 18:05

In my opinion, the buff to the Leopard 2s still doesn't go nearly far enough. I'll have to play with them more-- maybe it does work. The killing capability of NATO high-tech MBTs should approach ridiculousness if they are not suppressed somehow.

I hope eugen liked the amount of VTS1 rush whining so far, because I'm about to make that pale in comparison.

Just a minor recommendation: that kind of statement is not going to go very far toward making you credible. It sounds like you are saying "I ranted before, but I will rant even more if I don't get what I want."

How else would you model veterancy? Perhaps you addressed this elsewhere, but certainly on-the-move accuracy is a fairly reasonable way of modeling crews that are experienced in working with each other because of the way it models synchronization and communication between gunner and driver.

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Re: Patch 2012-03-29

Postby Froggy » Sun 1 Apr 2012 20:50

danuuker wrote:
[EUG]MadMat wrote:
ikalugin wrote:French tanks are being OP with the stabilizers (not to mention Leo2 series).

Why a plural? Only the AMX-32 was changed.
We wrongfully thought no French tank before the Leclerc was stabilized, a mistake a French player whom used to be an AMX-30 platoon leader corrected for us.

Hmm, just a minor historical point from very casual research. A few web sources state the 120mm on the AMX-32 isn't stabilized, and it is the later model AMX-30s that have the stabilizer.

Shouldn't we be giving the higher end AMX-30, maybe the AMX-30B2, the stabilizer instead of the AMX-32 or we're just running on "What-if..." scenario here regarding the AMX-32.

I don't mind the stabilizer boost on the AMX-32, I just find it unusual about this tweak.

I am the tank leader [EUG]MadMat is talking.
I served on AMX30B, AMX30B2, Leclerc and many other armoured vehicules.
In 1995, during the time I was doing my AMX30 B-B2 tank commander (TC) formation, I spent 15 days in the Amour museum of Saumur, and I saw every version of AMX30: AMX30 prototype, AMX30S, AMX30C (an evolution of AMX30S with thermal and stabilisation), AMX32 CN105 and CN120, and the AMX40.
AMX32 had a stabilised version of the AMX10RC TC peri sight. The main gun can be slave to this sight to allow TC to fire on the move. The gunner could not fire on the move, as his sight was not stabilised.

The AMX32 CN120 , as in the game, share the same turret with AMX40 (same balistic computer and stabilisation), so a video of this tank will show you the TC firing during on the move engagement:
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Re: Patch 2012-03-29

Postby danuuker » Mon 2 Apr 2012 07:20

Excellent information there Froggy, I guessing most web sources were referencing the gunners sight not the TC sight! :)

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