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Postby Oliver » Tue 14 Feb 2012 17:25

First, I have to say that OpusTheFowl did an amazing job in reading 43 pages of posts, analyzing it and transforming it into a list. Non of the below list is my work.

This is a sum up of everything posted in here. This list was last updated on the see bottom of this post.

  • Hotkey or mouse key to allow the mouse movement to scroll the map around (not just edge or key scrolling)
  • Remappable keyboard controls
  • The ability to (via hotkey) to have the general ranges of a selected unit appear (like the supply ring)
  • A hot-key enabled ruler on-screen so that you can quickly click two points and know the distance
  • Have a hotkey for a "move fast" toggle
  • A "deselect unit" hotkey
  • More complete and robust camera controls
  • Mouse-hover score shows income per minute

  • Reduce the size of the units picture so you don't have to scroll down to see all the stats
  • Add "Select All", "Deselect All", "Nato", "Pact" buttons to speed-up filtering
  • Have the ability to compare two units side-by-side
  • Display the deployment limit and unit size/hp
  • Deployment limits and unit sizes should be shown
  • Add sub-categories (SUP->AA)

  • Allow the customization of the number of slots in a deck per type of unit (ie add one INF and remove one REC)
  • The ability to save ones initial deployment (pre launch) as it relates to the deck being used

  • Provide 'facing' ability for units
  • Have the ability to spread out a platoon but retain the group (as opposed to splitting and doing it manually)
  • Allow first-person control of any vehicle (move, fire, etc.) and the rest of the units in the squad will follow target and act in support like they normally do
  • An indication of where a unit (own and allied) is going to go when you mouse over it (light arrow)
  • The ability to set basic formations for units (wedge, line, column, box)
  • Ability to set a unit's weapons to more than just On/Off (return-fire, fire at 50% range)
  • The ability to force a group of units to travel at the same speed
  • A better way to select specific units from a bunch of units
  • Better Helo controls (land, hover-low, hover-high) so they actually do what you ask them to do
  • Have a simple slow-medium-fast speed control for units
  • Fast-roping ability for Special Forces (faster unload speed)
  • Increase load/unload speeds for higher ranked units
  • Smoke rounds for arty and smoke generators for MBTs and some vehicles
  • Flares/illumination rounds (if a night mode is introduced)
  • Add the swim ability to units that could do this in the real world
  • Recon units (or all units) have a field of view hotkey
  • Infantry can "fortify" and quickly dig a basic trench/foxhole
  • A way to select the size of an arty salvo (maybe by percentage?)
  • Heavy-lift choppers can sling light/med vehicles
  • Add in paratroopers that can actually parachute (would require planes though)
  • High-value choppers should have countermeasures
  • Choppers take too long to land
  • Tanks and AFV can go hull down
  • Waypoints fixed (stopping issue)
  • Ability to send empty refueling units automatically back to the nearest FOB
  • Add guard, patrol modes
  • Ability to gift/give units to another player in MP
  • Have a complete unit list onscreen like in Close Combat
  • Have a "Load to nearest transport" option
  • Have a "Go to nearest FOB" option
  • Ability to name units
  • Ability to set unit "shoot at" priorities

  • Have the option to call in infantry without its respective vehicle
  • Ability to buy a FOB during the game
  • Ability to have different unit levels in the same group and not have to buy them all separately and then regroup them
  • Have more control of where units arrive from

  • Add a graphic or audio warning that victory conditions are near to being reached
  • Time of day and weather with the proper mechanics
  • More victory conditions (ie a 2hr game or 500pt start on Highway)
  • When you stack commands using shift, have some way of showing the commands that are stacked
  • Have the ability to resupply the FOB automatically for a price
  • Ability to add obstacles
  • Morale spread
  • Wreckage block movements of other units
  • Winter/seasonal maps
  • Victory system that decides the winner by objectives controlled
  • Destructible (and repairable) bridges
  • Construct river crossings (new engineer unit?)
  • Shallow water area in rivers
  • Meta-game mode
  • Allow grouping of units during the set-up phase
  • Autosave in single-player games
  • More data in the post match sequence (shots, distance traveled, etc)
  • Random map generator
  • Artillery fire showing-up in the mini-map
  • Have artillery able to fire uncorrected even if spotting is available
  • Crashed choppers should kill all INF aboard
  • Angle of impact should be a factor in calculations
  • Separate supply trucks and repair trucks
  • Remove the visibility of enemies reloading, aiming and crew status.

  • Infantry should appear in a line formation, not a circle formation
  • Unit icons (when zoomed-out) either gridded or spaced more to make selecting them easier
  • When zooming out to SAT mode via the mouse wheel, have the option (in settings) to disable the animated(blur) zoom
  • In game, reduce the size of the info-box when you mouse over a unit or have it pop-up in a corner
  • In satellite mode, units in the right corner are not selectable as they are blocked by the interface
  • The ability to set pre-positioned camera views with CTRL+ALT+#. Use ALT+# to instantly go to that view
  • PACT infantry units gun does not match the unit description (AK74 listed, AK47 shown)
  • Ability to use two screens and set one to satellite mode
  • In game, show the hotkeys in caps, not lowercase as they are too hard to see
  • A scale indicator
  • Move the location of the in-game chat
  • Option to remove all non graphical element on the screen
  • When using the CTRL+# (grouping), give more info and just their picture
  • In SAT mode, include a height overlay as you cannot see this easily
  • Add the player icon to the side of units as their insignia
  • Add soldier to crew weapons (ie RR Jeeps)
  • Use the screens in the lobby for something
  • Replace the unit picture with just text
  • Re-sizable HUD
  • Ability to turn off/on the added effects(blur, shake, edges, etc)

  • The ability to send different alerts that your teammates will receive on the map (ie. Supreme Commander, COH) along with an audible warning
  • Have the option to randomize the ranked games (ie PACT or NATO)
  • In the game available list, show what side is waiting on players
  • Coop vs AI
  • A game mode setting which forces players to use only base units (nothing unlocked)
  • Team chat in the lobby to work on strategy prior to game launch
  • A general chat area for all
  • Ability for the host to kick players
  • Better, brighter and/or selectable colors for a players units. Also would help people with colorblindness
  • Host has the ability to move players around in the lobby
  • Add in a VOIP system
  • Maybe a small note on the opponents deck. How about the number of stars used in the deck?
  • The ability to reconnect to a game after a disconnect
  • A hard cap on combat air units and arty PER TEAM, not per unit/player
  • Ability to "draw" (whiteboard) in the satellite mode
  • More game modes (attack/defend, king of the hill, convoy)
  • A toggled grid overlay
  • If a "year in service" feature is added for every unit, be able to host a game and set the year. Ie. If set to 1980, no units introduced from '81 on would be useable
  • Ability to see a friend's stats
  • Ability to extend a games length if both sides agree
  • Have a ELO rank for Pact and Nato, not combined
  • Increase the number of players as 8 is just not enough
  • The ability to limit the number of slots in a deck. Not just 25 all the time
  • On large maps, have the ability to increase the unit cap by a factor or percentage
  • Able to transfer the lead(host) in a multiplayer lobby
  • Possibility to watch a game in observer mode
  • Randomize the starting sides
  • Add the ELO system to unranked games
  • Add a "play again" option after a MP game. Automatically uses the same settings/players
  • An anti-spam mechanism (spawn limits for example)
  • More info in the AAR (total cost of kills per unit for example)
  • In the AAR, note units that performed with distinction
  • Allow all but one CV to be sold at the start in MP games
  • Clans/Teams should get their own achievements/awards/points
  • Ability to see teammates achievements
  • Add special controls to help with clan vs clan (team) battles
  • Ability to save coop replays
  • Add a coop mode with AI on the human's side
  • Make the campaign coop too
  • A "Lasted Played" record
  • Have the option to save and reuse veteran units from one battle to another
  • Add the ability to restrict unit categories in MP games
  • Do not allow other players to use your resources
  • Servers hosting to allow for >8 players
  • A Handicapping system
  • Inactive players lose ELO

  • More visible point counter, information about deck and information about income
    Rewind capabilities
  • Ability to view game stats while in the reply
  • Add some control to the replay (FF, RW)
  • Have the game always save a replay
  • Summary data in an XML stream
  • Have a way where people can get together to watch a replay
  • Add camera modes (fly-by, bullet cam, heli-cam, shaky cam)
  • Ability to export the replay as an AVI or other format

  • A better description of how the systems work (damage, visibility, accuracy)
  • Add hit points to the unit descriptions
  • Have the initial deployment zone the whole side of the map, not just one tiny location
  • Units surrendering
  • Ability to destroy one's own FOB to prevent capture (scorched earth)
  • Ability to pre-plot a few locations for faster arty strikes.
  • Ability to remove units from battle (empty choppers, supply trucks, etc)
  • Captured supplies should not give points to the enemy if destroyed
  • Units cannot be repaired while under fire or immediately after
  • Ability to turn a units refuel/rearm off
  • Ability to reduce the game speed
  • In single player, allow the ordering of units while paused.
  • Ability to customize the AI's deck
  • no permanent death in SP
  • A "No Supplies/Logistics" game mode

  • Planes
  • Super weapons (FAB, tac-nuke)
  • Radar units
  • Infantry based morters
  • Armed Blackhawks
  • A larger FOB at say 2.5 times the supplies but also 2.5 times the size (easier to hit with arty)
  • Engineers (along with their abilities such as mines, fortifications, etc)
  • Bridging vehicles/equipment
  • Light mortars team
  • River boats
  • Sniper teams
  • M6 Bradley Linebacker
  • M48A2GA2
  • M107
  • Give POL/CSSR basic units (HQ, SUP, REC)
  • LAV25
  • AAV
  • S-8 rocket
  • Added units no longer maintained due to huge volume

  • Some real life unit history
  • Mod tools
  • Ability to "view battlefield" at the end of a match instantly and not via the replay
  • Ability to reset unlocked units/stars. Basically, you retain your stars but all unlocked units are relocked
  • Ability to silence the crazy typist and sounds in satellite view
  • Remove the ridiculous kepi from the French Foreign Legion. The Kepi Blanc is a ceremonial hat
  • More "oomph" to sounds as they are a little weak now
  • Some more Bling! Medals for example

Original post:


This is a thread where all suggestions should go to from now on. From time to time, I (or anyone else who is kind enough to do it) will try to sum your suggestions up.

Attention! All other threads containing suggestions for the game will be consequently locked or (if possible) merged with this thread. Also, please don't use this thread to report bugs. Those can be reported in the Technical Forum.
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Re: Suggestions

Postby ZenGuardian » Tue 14 Feb 2012 17:37

I have a couple of quick interface and unit controlling suggestions. I'm sure that others will expand upon these:

1) Hotkey or mouse key to allow the mouse movement to scroll the map around (not just edge or key scrolling)

2) Provide 'facing' ability for units (many RTS have a 'drag' option with arrow to show out the units should assemble on a location)

3) Far fetched... Allow first-person control of any vehicle (move, fire, etc.) and the rest of the units in the squad will follow target and act in support like they normally do.

Thanks for an awesome game!
- Zen

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Re: Suggestions

Postby westre » Tue 14 Feb 2012 17:48

Have the option to call in infantry without its respective vehicle would be nice.

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Re: Suggestions

Postby Augustus » Tue 14 Feb 2012 18:00

Add a graphic or audio warning that victory conditions are near to being reached.

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Re: Suggestions

Postby Kodokai » Tue 14 Feb 2012 18:15

ZenGuardian wrote:1) Hotkey or mouse key to allow the mouse movement to scroll the map around (not just edge or key scrolling)

I was opening Q/E would pan the camera around, was the only good thing about total war series.

On another note, i would love infantry being spread instead of the circle.

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Re: Suggestions

Postby wasdie » Tue 14 Feb 2012 18:31

The ability to send different alerts that your teammates will receive on the map. Like a "move here", "attack here", "defend here" markers that are temporary. They also have an audible sound that goes along with them. This will help teams coordinate without VoiP. The speed of the game isn't fast enough to have to implement any more complex communication systems.

An indication of where a unit is going to go. Obviously only for the units you control (and maybe for your teammates). Basically an arrow or a line with a marker that will pop up when you hover your mouse over a friendly unit.

The ability to set formations for units. Basic formations like the wedge, line, column, and box. Nothing fancy. This will prevent units from clustering up and being shelled to hell by artillery.

The ability to set unit direction on a move command. Basically when you click to move a unit, you can hold the mouse button and then rotate a white 3D model of the unit accompanied by an arrow in the direction it is pointing. This will allow you to see exactly how you're unit is set up. If they are a part of a group, all of the units rotate around the exact point the player clicks on for the move. Default into a straight line formation if no other formation has been set.

Edit: I hear there is a way to do this with the shift key. I'll have to try it out. Still, I think it can be a bit more intuitive and not require any extra key presses.

These are some very basic control schemes. Company of Heroes, World in Conflict, and the Total War games all have extremely good controls schemes that should be copied.

It would be very nice to be able to easily set the position of the unit, see exactly where that unit is going to move to on the map before the move, see where the unit is currently moving to with an arrow and an end point marker, and be able to set very basic formations that the AI stays in until ordered out of.

I haven't played enough of the game to have any major gameplay suggestions. From what I can tell, the gameplay is amazing. It's just being hampered by a lackluster front-end UI. If each player could have more info on the UI and more control over their units exact position and formation, the competitive levels of this game would increase and so would the fun factor.

Oh I guess for my one gameplay suggestion it would be great to do a 4 v 4 comp stomp with 4 human players against 4 AI players or a mix of human/AI player on a single team. However the UI changes are priority for me.

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Re: Suggestions

Postby ZenGuardian » Tue 14 Feb 2012 18:56

I saw this and thought it deserved to be here:

VasFURY wrote:I noticed today that WASD keys have changed. Before the A and D keys moved camera left and right, but now they rotate camera. This is extremely annoying. Anyone knows how to change this back to move the camera left and right rather than rotate it?

I think the real request is asking for an advanced, in-game key-binding interface.

- Zen

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Re: Suggestions

Postby ZenGuardian » Tue 14 Feb 2012 19:19

Here is a peeve of mine that I hope I can turn into a suggestion.

<peeve> I hate PvP games that have leveling. What is the encouragement for new players to join the community when experienced (and by default, likely better) players have access to better equipment? Games like Battlefield and other FPS games where new players get a cap gun and paper armor but experience killers have one-shot ammo and body armor. But I give up, this sort of gank-mentality where people enjoy winning because they have better level equipment is here to stay. </peeve>

<suggestion> I'd like to see a game mode where not only the points for the match are a setting, but where all players start with the default NATO or PACT units and then are given 0 or more command points for that match to buy upgraded units.</suggestion>

- Zen

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Re: Suggestions

Postby diana olympos » Tue 14 Feb 2012 19:23

-Spec mode...

-For Replays : more visible point counter, information about deck (to know what did he can bring on the field to counter some attack..), information about income (or at least how much point they have to buy new units) and so on... Oh and a rewinds mode?

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Re: Suggestions

Postby Carpy425 » Tue 14 Feb 2012 19:24

Some suggestions that might not have been mentioned yet:

- It would be nice if we had team chat in the lobby prior to game launch. Also, an SAT view of the map with the ability to place unit markers, lines, and arrows.

- A main lobby chat for general purposes; or to call out those rage quitters, smacktards, and possible cheaters (let's hope not).

- In game, please move the chat so it's not centered and change it's color; in my opinion it's hard to read. Also I've noticed sometimes when a player "surrenders" the gray box will hang around making the chat even harder to see.

- Fast-roping ability for Special Forces, especially in the woods or over buildings; at the moment they're not so special and landing times makes me cringe.

- The ability to change the RoE for your units, particularly to Return Fire Only. For Seize Fire I guess you can individually turn off each weapon system but a simple command would be convenient. These would be good for recon purposes.

- A better understanding of how the damage system works.

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