Empty APCs are OP

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Re: Empty APCs are OP

Postby TheWord » Thu 9 Aug 2012 19:53

Btw I was completely trolling when making the opening post.

It's completely laughable that such a unit can be OP or be in any need for a nerf.

Everybody that agrees with my initial post is a moron and deserves to be suspended for 24, just as I will be after a mod reads this post.

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Re: Empty APCs are OP

Postby quigglebert » Thu 9 Aug 2012 22:21

Just to make a point, I don't think op as, wrong, irl you would not throw away crews like that without mutiny, saying that, my para's saracens are fantastic suicide scouts, 5 points for enemy positions so my mortars lock on, fantastic

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Re: Empty APCs are OP

Postby urielventis » Fri 10 Aug 2012 09:05

Yesterday evening, I use empty BTR and Topas to scout the enemy line, spotting nothing I send them in the ennemy base for fun.
I find an undefended command vehicule, I kill him. In the center of the map I find a lone VAB PC, I kill him.
But when I hit a defense line (4 leopard 1A5), my APC were blown. maybe with infantry on board it would have been a success.

I find that Tank gun should automaticaly destroy some type of APC (light armored one). I remember when in the army they said that the VAB can be damage by 14,5mm or even .50cal.
Maybe apply this to every armored transport except the "heavy" BMP-1-2-3, marder, AMX-10, Bradley...

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Re: Empty APCs are OP

Postby Num43 » Fri 10 Aug 2012 13:38

When the other side has a bazzilion ATGM's I give him something(s) to fire at.

Empty cars are not over powered they are just useful.

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