Game is getting boring... add Mod tools -.-

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Re: Game is getting boring... add Mod tools -.-

Postby the_Monk » Sun 30 Sep 2012 18:52

Major Snails wrote:
Boogie Van wrote:Bring in more people, more people means more money for Eugen, more money for Eugen would undoubtedly mean that they would be thinking of pursuing this tangent to the end of the rainbow with it.

From my friends, six ppl were playing this game. The all belong to what I call "strategy game freaks" who just eat games that simulate history, both in a more realistic or arcade style.

But they all stopped playing W:EE pretty fast and I cant get them back. Also ppl I try to bring dont like the game very much.
The main issue is, the game cannot decide whether it is a realsitic simulator or an arcade action game. All of my mates had different reasons against W:EE, one was only using heavy tanks and liked the arcade style, the others thought it was a simulator but then were unsatisfied totally because of many different issues.

I always was a "special" player, searching for the perfect merge of action and realism and I have many working approaches on my own tabletop and board games. But W:EE is just making the worst of the combination :(
And I cannot bring it to my ppl for that specific reason.

I started gaming back with a little gem of a game called "Loderunner" on a 12" monochrome screen Apple computer. I have been gaming ever since. I enjoy all kinds, adventure games (oh the Leisure Suit Larry series...and I mean the original stuff from Al Lowe text-adventure style like the Police Quests, Kings Quests and Space Quests), FPS games, simulators and of course strategy games.

I played games like Warcraft and then quite a few strategy games I doubt many here would even remember for a long time, saw some good and some really MODS for all kinds of games and you know what keeps a game "alive" more than anything? Dedicated players.

I've been playing W:EE pretty much every evening (with the exception of a few weeks in April) since release and I continued to do so even while the numbers of "casual strategy gamers" (or those I like to refer to as "I like strategy games if I can exploit some weak game mechanic and win in a way that makes me LOL" types) kept declining. In the weeks before the latest patch it was rare (at least during the times of day I was playing) to see even 100 people playing, and most of the time it was below 50.

This meant that increasingly the players were spending more time in the lobbies than in-game. Guess what? Those 50-100 dedicated strategy gamers were/are what has kept W:EE alive. MODS might breathe some "newness" into the game for a while but that happens with each new patch/DLC anyway. The last few nights the numbers that were in the 50's over the last few weeks have jumped back into 400+ (same times of day). So what? They will drop again. People are the problem here, today's fickle gamer is the problem here. MODS won't "save" anything. Games of the past where MODS seem to have "saved" the game, or entire games that spawned from MODS (Red Orchestra etc.) are very quickly becoming a thing of the past. In the past (at least the gamer-past I come from) games were often nothing more than a "hobby" which had the potential to balloon. These days, like any commodity they are a business, and as such will never again have that "hobbiest" nature about them.

Sure, bring on the them renew interest for.......a few weeks at worst.....splinter whats left of the dedicated W:EE fans until nothing is left.
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