How many downloads (steam)

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How many downloads (steam)

Postby HeroesWar » Thu 23 Feb 2012 20:18

I downloaded this game the other week and played a game from the Beta only one but not had a chance to play since....loaded steam up a couple of days ago and another 1 gig was downloaded.

Game goes live today and now its downloading another 7.5 gig I mean wtf is all that about?

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Re: How many downloads (steam)

Postby Falcrack » Thu 23 Feb 2012 20:22

You downloaded the beta. Then there was a recent patch to the beta of about 1 GB, which you downloaded. Now, we are out of the beta and into the glorious full release, which requires a full 7.5 GB download, because the full game has much more content than the beta. Is that a problem? Would you like to stay on the beta version?

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Re: How many downloads (steam)

Postby tals » Thu 23 Feb 2012 21:14

I think the hope was it would be a patch - the devs indicated as much but it appears that steam rather than the devs were unable to handle this.

In seriousness uk wise a lot of us are on restricted contracts so 15gb in 2 weeks is not pleasant :( I have a 100gb allowance a month but i'm always close and this will make it closer :(

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