Your force composition

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Your force composition

Postby varis » Mon 7 Jan 2013 20:26

How do you split your available points to the categories at start? Eg. in 1500/player game you have 1800 points due to CV+FOB in addition. For me it's something like

LOG 20% (includes the FOB)
REC 7%
TNK 10%
INF 15%
SUP 7% or 25% (when artillery)
VHC 20%
HEL 0 to 15%

ATGM is not a category :p (in before the trolls)

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Re: Your force composition

Postby DelroyMonjo » Mon 7 Jan 2013 20:31

Trick question, right?
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Re: Your force composition

Postby chema1994 » Mon 7 Jan 2013 21:34

Since I'm not very good at maths I will get rid of percentages:
- 2 CVs for 1v1 or 2v2 and 1CV for 3v3 or above, no supplies
- Air recon, always. And something for ground recon as backup.
- Mostly I start with tanks (or stuff with guns)
- AA, something like Roland 2+Gepard or Tunguska M. Not a lot but enough against usual air threat.
- ATGMs, only if I dont deploy missile tanks
- Mortars almost always
- Helicopters, nope
- Infantry depends of the map, if the high-value zone is a forest/city I can try an air assault later reinforced by inf in fast APCs. Usually I deploy the CV with infantry as defense and/or cheap SPAAG

But specially I save some points and depending of the enemy I deploy (long ranged SAM if the enemy uses intelligent lots of choppers, cheap SPAAG if air rushes or high-end ATGMs if there are lots of armor)

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Re: Your force composition

Postby naizarak » Tue 8 Jan 2013 00:49

in a 1500 point game

150-200 on infantry (x2 AT, x2 recon, x2 anti-infantry, x1 AA)
100 on ATGM vehicles
200 on artillery
200 on anti-air
400 on tanks
100 on recon
150-200 on helis
rest on logistics

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Re: Your force composition

Postby Misfit » Tue 8 Jan 2013 03:49

Depending on map / team / opponent / mood / deck.
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Re: Your force composition

Postby enohka » Tue 8 Jan 2013 10:41

Misfit wrote:Depending on map / team / opponent / mood / deck.


Your deployment should always depend on the map, the gamemode and if you know your opponent - the player you face.

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Re: Your force composition

Postby urielventis » Tue 8 Jan 2013 11:43

Depending on map, but I use some "prefab group"

For example in one of my nato deck, my Sultan command vehicle is escorted with 2 individual fully vetted blowpipe and a fully vetted fusilier squad in spartans armored carrier. It give my CV some protection against roaming shopper or special force.
As pact BRDM2U plus a fully vetted igla and Motostrelki in BTR60PB (for the speed, allow them to stay with the CV, not behind).
Sometime, a cheap recon unit join each CV. I tried M114A1 escored by two vetted M114A2, was fun but vulnerable too spec force.

Other unit are depending on the map and if I know my opponent or not.

air defence group pact: 2 Ural, 9k37 buk-m1, 2 M53-39 and SPW-40-B for spotting
fast reaction group pact: SPW-40-B, 2 group of 2 BTR-70 (2 rank), 2 M53-39 and 2 BRDM-2 MALYUTKA-P
Nato blocking element: 2*2 Bradley, one recon bradley, two Roland and great dose of courage...
Nato artillery group: 4 AUF1, one roland, 2*1 guepard, one recon jeep, 4 HEMMT, able to shoot from isolated area and then move fast to a new position will being keep supplied...

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Re: Your force composition

Postby untilted » Tue 8 Jan 2013 11:46

looking at my usual deployment in 3v3 and 4v4 ...

250pts recon for NATO*
175pts recon for PACT*

450pts infantry for both

... and i'm not even a spam rusher O_o

*recon infantry not included

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Re: Your force composition

Postby Max_Damage » Tue 8 Jan 2013 12:31

brm1 recon, 2xt64bm, 1xt62m1;
brdm recon, 4 groups of 4 t55;
8xbmp1 sp2 with mot schutzen + 4xtopas2a with motostrelci;
buk m1 + supply truck; 2x igla in btr;

Sometimes i just get pwned xD like recently i played, rolled up to a bridge and the other guy had a drop of infantry on the other side. I stopped started shooting it, then i was mlrsed twice and stomped by marder1+ marder vtsi spam rush across the bridge xD.

bradley itow recon + 2 challenger or leo2a4;
2 groups of 2amx10p with famas, some more jaegers in fuchs;
2 groups of 2 delta in uh60;
vulcan, chaparral, 2 stinger in m113;
2xAuf1 howitzers.
gazelle recon.
maybe something else.

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Re: Your force composition

Postby FFR.Tarask » Tue 8 Jan 2013 12:52

Mainly Air and Inf start with 300-500 start reserve, whatever the game or map is. My goal is to take town and forest at secure them with what I need, fonction of what my ennemy got.

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