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Things I've seen

Posted: Sun 22 Apr 2012 06:02
by Silveroak2
First off, tis is a spectacular game, easily my favorite computer strategy game right up there with "Supreme Commander."

However, I play ranked and was on a 14 win streak, (easily my best(as I will be the first to tell you that I am not the best at this)) and winning my 15th, when the game crashed, with a wonderful "Access Violation" crash notice. Joy. Are other people still hving crahses like this?

Another thing, on manners, I for one am of the nutty sort who believe opponents should treat each other in a positive manner rather than rage or quit for no reason. I have have hd many run-ins with such fellows, and oddly it seems like those among the very top of the rankings are not exempt from treating others poorly, not all, but some are quite nasty, I normally play Warsaw Pact, so i can't speak for those who play my side, but some top NATO players, excluding Tigga,MM Paco,FrankNA (and others whose names slip my mind) who from the games we've played are top-notch gentlemen, but a few others don't seem to aspire to that.

On the VTSI, this weapon is extremely hard to dea with, I dont like the idea of shouting "unbalanced" in a game where baance shouldn't matter because the points system should even things out like in a table-top wargame, but Bentguru wil agree with me that they are a tad cheap. (though I don't agree with using them because they are op).

So I think it would be really nifty if it were possible to put up a little list of manners in that empty box to the top right when one eners a ranked game, just so people remember that their opponents are humans too.

Lastly, awhile back I unlocked the last unit for both sides, and i now have 52+ command points remaining, is this a sign that there will be more DLC's? I'm hoping for Arab/Isreali war, Vietnam or Korea, maybe Serbia or a late 80's early 90's expnsion which could add Leclerc (my personal favorite modern tank). :)

Keep it classy, commanders

Re: Things I've seen

Posted: Sun 22 Apr 2012 06:37
by Mitchverr
Have to agree, the amount of respect people seem to show in this game is very little in unranked for alot of games, i mean sure i can be just as bad but usually i will only be so if they for example bought 1200 points of arty a nd the rest on cheap spam units making it neigh impossible to get round them (if they know how to use the arty well in correcting for movement speed, something i have picked up fast that), but most the time i will try to be a gent.

I also think its odd that you get more command points even all is unlocked, i too hope it means future dlcs :p (arab/israeli would be nice, though i would just as much like some of the african wars in there, be nice to have AML 90s(and other armored cars), T55s and centurions as the top assets, make a nice difference XD)

As for the crash thing, had it once in a blue moon, though i agree very upsetting when it happens after an epic win streak (mine was 14, though it was a 4v4 and my mates who had around 20+ wins also lost theirs cos every1 crashed). Would be nice imo if there was a little bit of "sorry you crashed, it will not effect your winning streak".

Re: Things I've seen

Posted: Sun 22 Apr 2012 07:43
by Satire
re- game crashing: the ability to reconnect to a server would be amazing.

Also, they really need to add the ability to search for ranked games within your ELO range and additionally, for the game to maximize when it is minimized due to waiting 5-10 minutes for a game.

Re: Things I've seen

Posted: Sun 22 Apr 2012 08:32
by Brahmanfire
I've had the access violation crash several times of late as well... and it is extremely frustrating when it is in the middle of a ranked game you're about to win and instead end up taking a -10-30 point hit in rating instead.

glhf out there.

Re: Things I've seen

Posted: Sun 22 Apr 2012 16:04
by keysersoze
I never really had a problem with crashes before the last patch, since then I get a lot of random disconnects and access violation crashes.

In the last two days I've had two desynced matches, where I was playing a completely different match from my opponents.
The first one was a 3v3 in which one of my teamates was desynced from us, and was fighting units that we couldn't see. The same also happened on the other team with one of them desynced, both teams were effectively playing a 2v1 match. On both sides the 2 players got a win in the debrief screen while the other person got a loss.

The second occasion was a 4v4 and I was desynced from at least two of my opponents. I watched the replay after the match to explain some of the wierd things that were happening. The replay showed the units of two enemy players remain stationary in the starting sector for the entire match. During the match these units were actually in the fight but i couldn't see them. At the start of the match two opponents disconnected and I believe this is where the desync with those units happened.

Anyone else had things like this occur? I would have thought the anti-cheat system would have picked up these discrepancies between the sides(I'm not accusing anyone of cheating).

Re: Things I've seen

Posted: Sun 22 Apr 2012 17:10
by ow592
keysersoze wrote:Anyone else had things like this occur? I would have thought the anti-cheat system would have picked up these discrepancies between the sides(I'm not accusing anyone of cheating).

I only have seen some things in R.U.S.E.
In W:EE I didnĀ“t have such things.

Re: Things I've seen

Posted: Sun 22 Apr 2012 17:40
by phawkins1988
Agreed on the manners point. Lots of needless rudeness, but this is the internet so I guess rudeness and childishness is to be expected. I just make a mental note of rude players and won't join their games in the future. Haven't had any silliness in ranked.

Re: Things I've seen

Posted: Sun 22 Apr 2012 21:05
by Mazz
Ranted about disconnects in 2 other threads after I had 2 back to back that really put a dent in my run to 1900.

Really though, after relaxing some :lol: I realized there's not a ton that can be done about them unless their is some identifiable problem that we or Eugen can find.

A reconnection option for a DC/crash as Satire said, or an 30 second period where the game tries to auto-reconnect on a DC but no crash would be nice, but probably going to take some serious work to implement well.

On the manners side, I haven't experienced this much unless by manners you mean gimmicky loadouts. Most people I've played in the 1650+ range who bring balanced loadouts have been pretty friendly when the game plays out well, win or lose.

Spams are a little different but tbh you can't expect someone playing such a mind-numbing loadout with the intent to win to be cordial about it.

Re: Things I've seen

Posted: Mon 23 Apr 2012 02:20
by Silveroak2
As a short update, the same crash occured again, halfway through a match, when i was zooming in on a Hind-P, I was zooming on a unit the last time it happened too, could it be that in trying to render all those details suddenly the computer just gives up and crashes? Ranked game again as well :^(

Yeah, I was suprised when Centurians didn't show up in game.

Also, today just after a rank game a fellow made some slurs towards one's sexuality and cursed a bit, calling the game boring after some deep striking Spentznaz killed his CO. The first few minutes were spent with his 2M1A1s,2Leo2A4's, and 2Challenger Ones, charging foward only to be kiled by some motosrelkovy and T-62's and 3 T-64's.

Re: Things I've seen

Posted: Mon 23 Apr 2012 02:29
by jealco
@keysersoze - I've had your problem multiple times when comp-stomping, but not yet during PvP.

Thankfully, I've been blessed with good players these last few days. Haven't run into any poor manners yet myself. Hopefully, that trend will spread to others.

+1 for the Arab/Middle East and Vietnam DLC's!