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Artificial intelligence

Posted: Sun 30 Aug 2015 18:14
by justanotheruser
I understand that it is too late to fix the AI and thus this game.
But at least open some way for the community to do so.
AI shortcomings
I can think of two ways the AI could be patched:
  • Add a random offset to the positions of invisible enemy units so the AI does not know their exact position until it makes contact.
  • Do not let units shoot what is not visible to them and other units.
Next time you take so many shortcuts, do hide\conceal\disguise them a bit. Your great work in the other departments went to waste because your AI guys are incompetent.

Re: Artificial intelligence

Posted: Sun 30 Aug 2015 19:57
by MenDuck
W:EE's AI? Sorry mate, not gonna happen. Devs can't implement mods to the game just like that.

Welcome to the Forums BTW.