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Posted: Sat 14 Jan 2012 19:24
by Ragga
So far I am really excited about this game... however I am not completely aware of the game play elements. I do appreciate the many developers responding to questions, so I was wondering if you could answer a pretty important one:

What Motivates the Player to move??? So many games/sims have some momentum implaced (ie. RUSE had resource ponits, CoH had victory points as well as MoW, etc.). However, what does WGEE have? I've tired to watch some of the videos and skim the forums, but have not found out what motivates a player to move forward... or anywhere at that matter, rather than just camping (MoW had a Combat Mode that since there was no motivation to move forward, many players simply sat at their end of the map and waited - gameplay resulted in a long a boring game or a sucide rush).

Obviously there many be many Gameplay Modes... however, what would the Competitive/Ranking Games consist of???

Thanks Much in Advanc!!!

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Posted: Sat 14 Jan 2012 19:45
by Gronank
[Remove this if it is breaking the NDA]
The first reason you got to move forward to gain favourable terrain, not so much for any sort of points but to allow you to use that terrain to stage attacks, defences and deny your opponent the opportunity to do the same.

This is important at all is because of the second reason: if you know where an enemy is and he is standing still, he is extremly vulnerable from anything from pincer maneuvers to artillery strikes. Because of this you're idealy always moving about and always scouting for enemy weakspots (and hardspots).

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Posted: Sat 14 Jan 2012 20:12
by Selkares
Ressources are another reason to move and not just camp.
Ressources are gained by capturing sectors on the map, as seen in this video ( some sectors give player 1point every Xseconds while others give 4.

If one player camps on his positions while the other captures sectors, he can quickly have 10 times more point income than his opponent.

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Posted: Sat 14 Jan 2012 20:23
by D-M
You have to cap some are of the map for three reasons:

- you have a score that works pretty much like in RUSE except that capping add points to you score over time.

- in adddition, it makes you get some more reinforcement points over time and so be able to call new units to the battlefield.

- some areas give you a new entry point from where the units you called can enter the battlefield.

As you can see, moving and controlling the map makes you win the game and gives you strategical and economic advantages... Pretty much like any RTS game...

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Posted: Sat 14 Jan 2012 21:22
by sgnl05
Not to mention that if you advance you can try to kill off enemy command units. Since command units are needed to capture points, and you need a reinforcement point to call in more units, if you snipe all of your opponent's command units he can be out of the game very quickly.

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Posted: Sat 14 Jan 2012 21:36
by ikalugin
Also you do have an ability to mount a defense forward of you rear area (hence with scouts and defended out you have ability to detect and counter hostile attacks).
The reasons for not camping (apart from resources ofc) is arty. If your army is in a tight defensive knot it will be raped by rocket arty with ease. So make you system of fire as well as observations post and nodes of resistance well forward with a mobile reserve in the rear.

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Posted: Sun 15 Jan 2012 16:19
by Ragga
Thanks so much eveyone for the info... this does sound promising.

One more question... so I watched the video that was attached on a response, however I only speak english and have really no clue what the announcer is saying... one thing that was quite interesting was that the player set-up some type of resource building... what in the world is that (this is not a NDA infraction because it is in a released video). So do you build bases akin to RUSE... that with certain bases come certain units??? - thus the resource gathering is also akin to money in RUSE which helps you buy these buildings which then build the units?

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Posted: Sun 15 Jan 2012 16:31
by FFR.Tarask
You can build only one structure in the game and it's the "FOB" and only before the start. This structure will give you fuel, ammunition, etc...

Any unit near the FOB will get reload and repair.

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Posted: Sun 15 Jan 2012 16:43
by Ragga
Thanks: So we get to build a FOB... nice. Yet interesting enough, will units actually run out of fuel, ammo, etc. I've played MoWAS and most of the MoW series, even when it was in its infancy/alpha/beta, and the idea of ammo and fuel is awesome... however, in most cases you rarely... and i mean rarely have to refuel a tank or resupply a unit/vehicle (besides the rocket art).

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Posted: Sun 15 Jan 2012 16:46
by Selkares
Yes, units do run out of fuel and ammo.

And believe me, some weapons can be short on ammo very very quickly.