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Re: Few things

Postby Gopblin » Fri 25 May 2012 23:08

Toot wrote:Indeed , BUKS are better but they are too expensive.

Tunguska is borderline too expensive at 112 for vet 2.

You don't have to vet Buk's: 10 accuracy is plenty, and morale is not needed as they hardly ever get shot at. Also, they'll level quickly.

85 for basic BUKM1 that denies the enemy 9km of airspace isn't bad - 4 of these can pretty much lock down an average map, bye bye helo sneaking and helo blobs.

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Re: Few things

Postby phawkins1988 » Sat 26 May 2012 01:09

Buks get overwhelmed a lot easier than Tungs, imo. Buks are specialists, for sniping recon helos or Apaches. Tung or max vet OSA should be the bread and butter of Pact AA I think.

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Re: Few things

Postby Fear Me » Mon 11 Jun 2012 00:56

2. This brings me to a few new questions -
- Why use Tunguska over a BukM1 in the open? Sure, Tunguska can rape up close, but ATGMs still outrange its autocannons, so it will come down to who has better missiles anyway. I know a Buk can be overwhelmed with a blob, but it will likely kill 1-2 choppers that cost more than it does. Plus if you use 2-3 spaced Buks the enemy is shafted.

I agree and do not use Tungs. You need to look into the OSA full vet along with a buk for air defence then you get area denial and close support from a accurate fast firing sam. For AAA any quad cannon will suffice. You have many cheap options for pact.

- What's the difference between BMP-2 and the next variant (BMP2D?). The stats are exactly the same in the browser, except the second one is 5 pts more. Is this a bug?

I don't use them they are overpriced already. You are much better off using the BMP1 series with your choice of inf. Autocannons are nice but as pact with the number of tanks you can field they are not needed and you have good ATGM offerings from vet bmp1's or many pact tanks come with them all ready. Autocannons are also good for air defence but PACT has so many options there they are not needed at all.

- Are the units more visible when moving? I presume not, but I haven't seen any statements about it.

Yes they are. How that is I'll leave that to you. ;)

- Any point to using flame infantry instead of flame tanks?

Yes although not near as powerful and can still be killed with inf units they are more concealable.

- My tactic was mostly vulnerable to a mass tank rush, avoiding forests, down into capture zones. I had teammates deal with those, but realistically, what's the best way of derailing those in the open (assuming you don't have the points or time for a tank blob of your own, and the rush includes AA)? Arty or flanking harassment from extreme range with helo / ground-based ATGMs?

All you need is infantry and a few good tanks setup in formation to pick them off at distance. Flame tanks will also kill or stun lock everything. With arty remember to target where they are going to be so if they are coming down a road its even more easier to deal with them. Also make a habbit of always taking good LAW infantry for anti armor. No better killer than to dump them in the middle of a convoy as it roles by and watch your points go up yes you will take losses but thats a battle for you. Also use rocket helo's to stun lock then your armor can pick them off at liesure dont be afraid to pull out or run if they get close to your CV as most rushes are doing that. Mostly as you play against rushers you will start to learn the in's and out's of each map. There are natural choke points on every map.

- Any counter to SF + flamers in the forests aside from arty + assaulting with SF and flamers of your own?

Not really. Forest fighting is brutal and do not take armor in at all stick to flames or inf of your own. Arty is best to stun tanks or kill inf units rocket arty is particularly good for this.

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