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Re: request smoke rounds!

Postby That little FAGOT » Tue 29 May 2012 19:47

I agree that if smoke screens were added, the only type of smoke that should be controlled by the player is the artillery/mortar smoke rounds. I like the idea of tanks (maybe APCs and IFVs, too) using them autonomously when a threat is detected, while the player has the ability to toggle it on and off like anything else.

I agree, again, that if vehicles were given smoke dischargers, then ATGMs would need a buff to compensate for the decreased hit probability.

To be honest,I don't think that infantry should be given smoke grenades, as they really wouldn't be much use in open areas at all due to the extremely low density of the smoke produced by the grenade outside of an enclosed environment.

And of course, if any kind of countermeasure were to be added, the endless suggestions of flares would no doubt entail. Believe it or not, flares are practically already in the game, all the devs need to do is cause little sprites to pop out from helicopters whenever a missile isn't going to hit them. Think about it, the chance of a *Heat-seeking/Radar guided missile* hitting a helicopter in the open, at close range is already ridiculously low, the only thing missing is a visual representation as to WHY they are missing.
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