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Postby throwaway » Thu 8 Apr 2021 15:09

chargers71 wrote:Still getting the invalid ZZ_win.ndf alert. What's the most recent ZZ_Win?

If you go to <WRD_INSTALL_FOLDER>\Data\WARGAME\PC you'll see all the versions. It seems like eugen changed the versioning with the epic launch so at the top there's a bunch of shorter numbers which are actually the newer ones. The last one is 49125 but has no ZZ_Win. So for ZZ_Win you're looking to use Wargame Red Dragon\Data\WARGAME\PC\48574\49125\ZZ_Win.dat.

Although if you take the one from the post by JoonasTo it will work too, the game hasn't really had any balance changes so browsing an older version will show you the same stats as now.

LittleBobcat wrote:sorry to be this late to ask
wanna try reinstall the game to have fun
tried to use the armory tool(both 0.4 and 1.0 ver)
the error message like that earlier post always exist and never get into the tool

"Failed reading ZZ_Win.dat. May have selected an incomplete one - try pointing settings.ini to a complete ZZ_WIn.dat file."
ive checked the path in the settings.ini, even tried multiple versions of the game data but it just always the same error message

any clue on this ?

Scroll up to the post by JoonasTo which explains how to fix this.

Sir Typhoon wrote:
throwaway wrote:It's three years late but I finally fixed the update bug - OP updated to version 1.0.0 :roll:

Hello boss. I have a question about 1 stat, the supply cost. Maybe "they" fucked up with something or maybe something in the armory is wrong. The thing is that Smaw, B300 and Vampyr, have a supply cost of 10 per shot, while other similar but worst AT weapons have hight supply cost like PzF3 or Carl Gustav M3 (20 per shot). Is this right?

Thx for the answer. And for the tool too.

Armory so far has been 100% right in the extracted data. There are a lot of weird stats that eugen have just copy pasted, forgotten to fix, etc. If you are unsure you can always shoot a round and try rearming and see what you get, but personally I wouldn't even bother testing, weapon reload costs are not exactly a stat that eugen has tried to keep consistent.

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