Single question about the Avenger system

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Single question about the Avenger system

Postby johnshepardn7117 » Sat 11 Sep 2021 00:24

Good day everyone, been enjoying the game after a bit of a learning curve. Thank you for the devs for the series, ended up getting it from a friend all the way to Steel Div 2.

I wanted to ask why, and this hits close to home as a member of the Army, why is the stinger missile systems so under powered? I don't meant their power itself, but the range.
From a gameplay perspective, how is the stinger system maximum range less than a gunpowder propelled projectile?
From a in world perspective, I know first hand the stinger has excellent detection well beyond the missile's effective range and the missile itself far exceeds 3-4 kilometers. I won't touch the "70%" accuracy, but simply ask about the range itself.

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Re: Single question about the Avenger system

Postby molnibalage » Fri 17 Sep 2021 14:13

Every range value is abstracted in the game and compressed for air-SAM-AAA modeling.
So do not wish to pair the RL kinematics and range with the game.

The whole RD AD modeling is way to primitive and does not fulfil even the all/rear aspect modeling and model the kinematics.

For ex. you can launch missiles with long range SAMs (in game long range) like the Buk at max range so the intercept point is much closer than the "range" value. While against an escaping target you can launch a missile at 99% of the range and will follow the plane up to waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more higher range than the value in the game.

This part of the WG is very, very primitve.
I have no idea why. An ATGM looes it target when target drives out of range while SAMs do not behave this.

Another major problem is the total idiocy of range ratios...

RL 4.3 km
game 2626 m

RL 2.5 km
game 2800 meter

RL 8 km
game 2800 m

2K22M's missile
RL 8 km
game 3375 m

and so on.

This is why I stopped to play with WG. Eventually became painful such and so many funny modeling....
Not only in AAA/SAM area...

It is a strange world where rocket arty has increasing dispersion with distance but a tube arty has the same dispersion at 4 km at 40 km...

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