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Question about sniper teams and sniper rifles

Posted: Thu 7 Oct 2021 23:46
by vinz75

I'm working on a mod and I wanted to discuss what to do with sniper teams and sniper rifles (or anti material rifles) :)
I personally fail to use them outside of turning weapons OFF and using them for pure recon. :oops:

HE snipers appears inefficient since the 1050m range force the sniper team to be close from the target squad. And if they are close the snipers are in danger :cry: . Also their pure HE output is inferior to a MG from my experience.

How do you use sniper teams ?
Do you use HE sniper rifles on 2 man squads or 5 / 10 man squads ?
What about anti material rifles ? What is their purpose ?

Thank you.

Re: Question about sniper teams and sniper rifles

Posted: Sat 9 Oct 2021 15:24
by chykka
Anti Material rifles can kill low armour units. Like Tunguska-M from a range. Try to get them behind enemy lines where they shine and make openings for other units or get good info on his reinforcements.
Just stay out of contact range until you are sure you can get a pick. Commands are usually somewhat defended and keep distance from helicopters defending on the rear.

Re: Question about sniper teams and sniper rifles

Posted: Wed 13 Oct 2021 22:52
by vinz75
Thank you for your answer, so for you they're used behind enemy lines.

Any thoughts on HE sniper rifles ? Are they best on Spetnaz GRU (10 men) or spetznaz VMF (2 men) ?
It's only useful against infantry that is not in towns, so I find it very situational at best :(

Re: Question about sniper teams and sniper rifles

Posted: Mon 18 Oct 2021 03:05
by chykka
VMF I have seen used in town. The Stealth can make them quite useful but depends on town layout.. ALB had more towns with some gaps between building blocks You kinda want them only in sniper range to utilize stealth (In buildings they are pretty quiet). GRU do not have the same stealth. However, being 10 man the Rifle acts much like a LMG with a high hit rate chance but lower suppression.. They are good vs SF and squads where you are guaranteed to get some hits and reduce their numbers.

Thing is you don't want your snipers taking fire. So I consider VMF more useful but GRU are more forgiving but both have pretty nice transports for combat.
HE snipers can be kinda tricky behind enemy lines due to low AT range. But if you use for only recon and only engage infantry they can be useful for sure. But HE snipers tend to be useful near the front as well. Gru get more AT rockets VMF only get two RPG. Many times I used on a jeep and missed both shots lol. and had to get in SMG range to even attack the jeep CV. Sometimes they run away and you can do nothing but run into cover and try to hide them again. Which is why I'd say Recce are better behind lines.

Thing is there are gaps in cover. So use smoke before crossing them and try not to let them get spotted as people can shell small spots of cover they know the snipers are in. So you need to either get them there fast or sneak them in wide from the flanks.

I find VMF in mi-24a can be pretty useful. Even early game the mi-24a can catch some units and get snipers in good spots. Try experimenting with what works for you. GRU are less of sniper squad and more of a Shock recon squad with a Battle Rifle. Much like Israeli 5 man recon squad with m14.

Some matches you might lose your Snipers without much use. It's ok, it's only 35~ points. Don't replace them right away I find. Just take loss and adapt try again later when there is opening or a blind spot. If you are too safe with snipers they survive but never get the massive utility they can be capable of. If you get them in a really good spot where they are doing work. That's when you want to be really careful and keep that persistence.

Near the front if you get VMF in a good position they can survive a lot longer than GRU due to stealth. It's good for persistent recon which is worth it's cost even without using for combat.
Gru are worth it as combat troops. I wouldn't use them in open fields like I'd use VMF though. But the rifle can help in pushing towns and spotting garrisoned infantry with support. They can take a lot more incoming fire unlike VMF. Their hit rate stays pretty high even under some Moral damage. But DPS wise yeah. Most situations DPS is lower Unless you can keep them firing that rifle and consistently getting picks. Helps if you stun or shake up garrisoned units then the snipers can just keep firing where LMG troops would need to get a bit closer. Pretty sure in Buildings HE even on a hit doesn't always kill a soldier but I could be wrong. Hit rate is usually 90% or more.
Both VMF and GRU can pick command infantry without revealing or getting in engagement range when you dealing with forest.

Re: Question about sniper teams and sniper rifles

Posted: Mon 18 Oct 2021 08:14
by vinz75
Hello Chykka,

Wow very in depth answer :o Thanks !
There's a lot of info in it, Great!
I have to go through it and preform some tests.

Until now I was thinking of some buffs

AT rifles: range unified to 1750 with AP3 (picturing that they hit the weak spots) to allow them to engage APC's near the front lines. And also allows them to stay a bit further behind enemy lines for target elimination

HE sniper teams
3 ammo for RPG
HE rifles 1750m 2HE: to allow the sniper team to shoot in city from neighboring trees. Also this will grant damage to enemy inf teams even in city cover.

EDIT: going the wrong direction with HE snipers, I think. They should stay 1 HE but with much more suppression. A lower range increase in the 1400m should be enough

I have to test if that does not become a cancer to be shot by invisible enemy from that distance...