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A forum guide

Postby Shifu » Fri 5 Apr 2013 17:05


when you're reading this post, you're most likely either looking for something special or you're new on this forum (welcome then!). Hopefully, you'll find your answer in the following, if not send a Private Message to any moderator (those dudes in green .. you'll find them in "The Team") and just ask away!

Your Moderation team

If you are new here, please take following into account:
  • Make sure you're aware of the forum rules. In conjunction with your common sense and this little guide, all aspects should be covered. If there are any questions left, we invite you to write a PM to any Moderator.
  • If you're new to the forum, remember that your first two posts need to be approved by a moderator. If you edit your post, you'll need to get re-approved. Also, Private Messages (abbreviated: PMs) can't be sent before you made two posts.
  • Use the English language unless you're in an international sub-forum. If you need technical help, please post in English so more people can look at your problem and more people can profit from the solution to your problem.
  • When creating a new topic, check if the subject isn't covered yet. An adviseable tool to do so is the search function. Ignoring this will get your thread locked. Also, avoid CAPS only and titles like "xyz OP/UP plz nerf/buff". More on posting see 2. below.
  • When including large pictures, a DxDiag or anything of extensive size, please use a spoiler. If you quote long posts or quotes of quotes, snip them. Do not use big sized, colored, underscored and bold text all the same time. If you want to emphasize your point, one of those is enough.

In the following, you'll find a few notes on forum administration/moderating policies:
  • First of all, this forum is private property of Focus. Don't forget about that.
  • If you think a post/PM does not comply to the rules and is objectionable, hit the "Report post"/"Report PM" button (it's the Flag on top right side of the post). This calls a moderator's attention to the respective post and its context. If you don't know what to fill in the description box, leave it empty.
  • Some users have the bad attitude of trolling or giving unkind answers, especially to questions they consider "dumb". Don't get alienated by them, report them if deemed appropriate or just ignore such individuals. Note, you can add them as "Foe" in the User Control Panel, so that you don't see their posts nor receive their PMs anymore (you can't block Moderators/Administrators though). Anyway, avoid responding with flame/swearwords yourself as we do not allow self-administered justice.
  • Do not try to enforce the forum rules. Even though this shows a laudable attitude, it mostly leads into nothing but a pure flame war. Just stick to the report post function, so we can do our job.
  • Any punishment carried out is within the scope of the moderation/administration. If you disagree with the degree of the punishment or the punishment itself, feel free to contact the responsible moderator/administrator via PM. Take note that many factors influence such a decision, some of them may be invisible to you in that particular moment.
  • If you believe a moderator has abused their powers, please contact another moderator or [Eug]MadMat via PM. Keep in mind that MadMat's quite busy though.
  • The decision of the moderation and administration team may not be discussed publicly. While this might sound like censorship to you, our experience tells that allowing that kind of stuff leads to derailment and flame wars all over the board. We do invite you to write Private Messages and appreciate feedback on our actions. Also, this rule includes the publishing of informations about punishments carried out. Therefore, we will reject any request asking for such information. There are exceptions, but those will be decided about on a case-to-case basis.
  • Moderators and Administrators may share any of your messages related to forum management. If you feel the issue is too personal to be shared, please specifically state this in every Private Message and Moderation/Administration will respect this where possible.
  • Moderation/Administration may take any action without your notice. However, in basically every case an information about what has been done why is provided.

To clarify upon some stuff:
  • You may not run multiple identities, i.e. more than one account, unless allowed by Moderation/Administration. If you're forced to create a second account for any reason, immediately inform Moderation/Administration. Multiple identities will lead to a permanent ban of this board.
  • You may not post the same message, no matter if question or reply, multiple times in the same or in different forum areas (commonly referred to as "double posting", "cross posting"). This does include posts with the same content, but small changes to layout or language. Also, "bumping" your topic is only allowed in a few cases (such as not having received technical support for a determined period despite posting in the Tech Support forum area).
  • You may not intentionally give harmful advice nor may you post harmful links.
  • You may not have a signature containing a quote of someone unless you have the person's permission. In practice, we mostly assume you do have the permission, but will remove the quote if requested by the quoted person.


1. Often used abbreviations on this forum:
Afaik: As far as I know
Asap: As soon as possible
CQC: Close Quarter Combat - Units are fighting within the range of the same city block.
Iirc: If I recall/remember correctly
Imo: In my opinion (also: Imho: In my humble opinion)
MP: 1. French for PM; 2. Multiplayer
NSWP: Non-Soviet Warsaw Pact
Otan: French for NATO (North-Atlantic Treaty Organisation)
PM: Private Message
Tbh: To be honest
TK: Teamkilling, Teamkiller
WIP: Work In Progress

Usergroups ...
... you'll find on this forum:
  • Focus Home Interactive staff - Focus is the publisher and owns this forum. They're the admins here.
  • Eugen Systems staff - Eugen guys are the "devs". Also admins.
  • Moderators - They help with forum administration and keep the forum clean and pleasent.
  • Marshals - They're the link between the community and the developers of the Wargame series. More information here. They don't have any power in regard to forum administration (despite popular believe they can't delete/edit your posts). Edit: For a list of current Marshals, see here (link).
  • Marshal honoris causa - Those are Ex-Marshals who still share some rights with the Marshals. They don't have an own color though.
  • normal user - This is where you're most likely. The standard user.
  • The Pink of the Shame - If you have annoyed the admins, you'll end up here, at the very bottom of the list. A very manly place, indeed.
(colors may differ a little bit - I'm using the old color scheme)

2. How to properly propose/request changes (by BTR)
Summary of the content/modus operandi you should apply:
  • Analysis/breakdown of the problem
  • Background which is supporting the change
  • Examination of the anticipated outcome
What you should take into consideration:
  • Appropriate presentation/form of your post
  • Don't ask for "Things-which-won't-happen"
  • Include optional/further reading, sources etc.

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