In-Game Stats UI Suggestion

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In-Game Stats UI Suggestion

Postby AJE » Fri 13 Sep 2013 10:49

Spoiler : Background :
I had this idea while lurking on the forums back in the ALB beta days (when everyone complained about the UI), but I didn't post back then. Instead I put it in the back of my mind and slowly mulled over it for the next few months. With a new Wargame coming out, I thought it would be time to dust this off. Before I made this UI, I looked around the internet for good examples and rules when doing data visualization, and I visited a few sites:

So based on the sites and rules that I learned in the spoiler, I made what I consider to be a better layout for the ingame unit stats (actual stats table is on the left):
Capture.PNG (94.98 KiB) Viewed 889 times

Note, this is not how the actual stats table would look in-game(I have terrible libreoffice skills), it would have the ALB or EE style and background, but the layout would be as in the image.

That being said, the improvements I tried to make are:
    -All data is displayed in a common manner, with every stat having a value and a bar chart attached to it. This means that a gamer's mind doesn't have to switch between interpreting charts and interpreting numbers continuously when looking at the table. Even a 0 value would have an empty graph, since that is the best way to communicate that value to the player.
    -The data units (km/hr, L) are conveniently placed at the description of the values, and not in the table itself. This allows the gamer to compare stats more directly, as the units just become clutter when comparing stat values to price or other values.
    -The data is arranged in a more logical way, as the chart to the right of the table indicates. The firepower is at the top, followed by the logistics, mobility, visibility, and finally protection, giving a general progression from offensive traits to defensive traits as one moves down the table.

If the layout works as intended, it should be readable in a matter of seconds-a player could see, for example, the emphasis on mobility and firepower over armor in the french tanks, or the opposite focus on british tanks, just by looking at the table and seeing blue and green on one part of the table and red on the other.

One last thing: this table would only be intended for in-game, the armory and deck-building tables would be similar, but contain less gameplay-focused stats like guidance, caliber, service entry date, and in the case of the armory, availability.
Spoiler : extra info :
I considered making icons next to the value descriptions (e.g. a crosshair next to the accuracy label), but quickly realized they would be too small to be readable.

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Re: In-Game Stats UI Suggestion

Postby saber2243 » Fri 13 Sep 2013 22:54

I like it
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Re: In-Game Stats UI Suggestion

Postby solaris » Fri 13 Sep 2013 23:06

The bars should be consistent.

Accuracy 5 should be X bar length regardless of the unit being a tank, infantry rifle, or recoilless rifle. It is dishonest to fudge the visual indicator of a stat when the underlying stat doesn't change. (Looking at you recoilless rifles, lying to people)
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