DevBlog #10: Set sails!

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Re: DevBlog #10: Set sails!

Postby Sparika » Fri 22 Nov 2013 17:45

I din't read the book, here is the résumé and my translation. Sadly it doesn't seems like there is an english translation of this comics. ... j_14_omega

Since 18 years, after fascist coup d'état of the 6 februrary 1934, France has ceased to be a republic and has only one adversary left, the only democraty in Europe: Great Britain. Europe is on the brink of destruction. Disparition of the captain Antoine de Saint-Exupéry above the Channel may be the spark that will ignite the fire.

A totally rewritten history might be a fun setting for a future game by Eugen. ;)
"You're not Stalin, and zone Bravo on Hell's Highway is not your motherland." - TheFluff
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Re: DevBlog #10: Set sails!

Postby Mikeboy » Fri 22 Nov 2013 19:43

I can hear the screams of French bias already. :lol:

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