Things you DO NOT want to see in WG:RD

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Re: Things you DO NOT want to see in WG:RD

Postby shin01176 » Mon 10 Feb 2014 09:00

chykka wrote:A agree with OP on a few things

F117 (Strategic bomber) doesn't really belong but it works...

Sead is welcome but I wan't AA to be more resilient so you don't have to turn off KUB's from a train of Prowlers. KUB range is fearsome, Such systems don't fear sead as much. What does fear sead is closer AA systems like Tunguska's. KUBs shot down helicopters at massive ranges in EE and it didn't break the game. I want to See KUB range and Hawk range bumped up, so Sead missions actually have more risk to them against the best of the best AA. Although interceptors are the best method to stop them currently.
So basically I don't wan't to see Sead powerful enough to overwhelm the best of Anti air systems. Sead shouldn't be such a hard counter to anti air, after all they use radar too!! So the concealed ground systems should have a easier time dealing with them.

And if not reducing sead, I want to see Patriot and S300 systems in RD because sead is more strategical than tactical anyways. So why not give us some Strategical AA systems as well? KUB's and hawks would no longer be the "long range" Radar systems. Not anymore :twisted: That way Air defense networks would feel to be a little more solid. As of now they are missing something. That thing that EE had was the outstanding range that was lost with equivalence in Sead. After all the S300 was made to combat such systems like the EF-111A raven... Having one without the other is sad :( .

And F14's and MiG 31's I don't like them too much. Welcome any change too them however they are fine and not imbalanced. Just prefer maybe something new to them. Wouldn't care at all if there were Patriot and S300 though.

SEAD is already operating outside its realistic envelope in the game. Realistically the EA-6B/Raven would spoof/jam the radar systems rendering them in op completely, unreliable, next to useless. Then the weasels or HARM equipped craft would go in for the kill. The way it is right now "works" as it is letting you use one plane instead of forcing you to buy two for the same mission.

Now an alternative would be to make them separate platforms and instead have EW aircraft have a "radius effect" around them that severely lowered accuracy of Radar based units instead of just insta-ko. Would force player to send in attack aircraft to actually get the kill.

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Re: Things you DO NOT want to see in WG:RD

Postby MaCrumQuo » Mon 10 Feb 2014 09:35

No CV's in any shape or form in the game. Unless there role changes.

Change the mechanics for sector control to be about controlling the sector with units not with one special vehicle/infantry. Which makes more sense than a game where its CV chess. :P

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Re: Things you DO NOT want to see in WG:RD

Postby thatsgerman10 » Tue 11 Feb 2014 05:35

agree with OP, a lot of good units are limited to a specific country only deck and its a shame as that country usually has much weaker units in other areas
guess you could argue it evens it out so im not sure

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