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Please Report Posts

Postby Graphic » Sat 11 Jan 2014 12:40


As the community goes larger and larger (which is fantastic), it also means more and more threads for the moderation staff to monitor. We can't be everywhere at once, so things can slip by.

That's why I'd like to raise awareness of the report function. If you want to have a more polite and orderly forum than we have now, I encourage you to use the report function whenever you come across flame wars and vulgar/offensive content.

You can locate the report button the lower right of forum posts, it's this icon: Image

However, there's no need to report every single off-topic post or thread in the wrong forum or other minor things such as that. Those aren't worth spamming the moderation queue for.

Using the report function responsibly will help the moderation staff to be much more effective and ultimately improve the atmosphere of the forum. :)

Thank You,
Moderation Team

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